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Rating Escort Profiles #2

Not really a profile, but whatever.   So, the post is: I have a question ladies and I got a new job?! And this is what our lovely hooker asked... Okay ladies I got a new job like a real paycheck and benefits in 401K style job. I'm curious if since I won't be available as often if I should actually raise my rates, cause us ladies are a luxury. I feel that I might be even more of a luxury than I am now because I'd be more unavailable than available if that makes any sense. But I really think I will do a 2 hr minimum . What would you ladies do in my shoes? Judging by your pictures, you're more of a late night greasy treat that leaves you feeling shitty the next day, rather than a luxury. This bitch thinks since she got a real job... like every other person in the world , she's suddenly something special. Well I guess if you're comparing yourself to your fellow hookers, then maybe you are kind of special. Like you made it to the top of the garbage heap. First of all

Females In The Workplace

Loud, kinda stupid, in your face, zero respect, talks hella shit, acts like they're tough... Yet very insecure and sensitive. Let me tell you a story. There was this chick named Luisa, she was alright looking, kind of weird but otherwise normal... barely. And she sat next to one of my buddies. Everyday she would talk shit to my bro, racist shit too. But he blew it off, just took it all as a joke. But she was a girl, and girls can do no wrong. Eventually, she decided to choose the wrong day to talk shit. So naturally, she got called:   "...a bitch."   Just a bitch. And she really WAS a bitch.  But you know how it is nowadays, women in the workplace are very oppressed, and blah blah blah. There is supposedly an outrageous gender pay gap... even though where I work, we all get paid EXACTLY  the same. We got a bunch of unqualified people in management, who only got their positions due to that pussy in those pants. So they stick up for each other. The gaping vagina of mothe

Social Media Ruined Women

And a little bit of everything else too. As one of those assholes said, One positive out of all this is that... At least now, it's wayyy easier to spot your wholesome wifey material. And that's "wifey" materia with ""l. I can guarantee you, with a life-time fucking guarantee, that if you settle down with one of those Insta-Thots... whose main requirement is being fucking Mr. Moneybags McGee... she might stay with you 1-3 years... tops. Good news is, ur rich1!!1! So finding another fine ass 20-something is no problem. There really isn't anything I'm gonna say that hasn't already been said. But let's be real here, there are a lot of rich, desperate, horny, and probably ugly mother fuckers who would love to take a piss on your chick. And they'll fly her all around the world, tossing in another $10,000 on top for a golden shower fun filled weekend.All over her naked body while you wait at home. Her DM's are open and will always be, li

Everything Gets More And More Shitty

Expensive... and fucking shitty. From junk food, cars, houses, to something as simple as a fucking toilet seat cover. ...and you don't want to even want to know how airplanes are being slapped together, here in the great U. S. of A. If you knew, you'd probably cut down on that vacation budget a bit. Hiring brand new, lazy, 20-something mother fuckers to... I don't know, install things that could make a plane fall from the fucking sky? Instead of leaving the bruh there who knows what they're doing!?  No, that just makes too much sense. Let us replace the expert with someone who will sit on their phone all day, then lazily bolt things to the fucking plane every 20 minutes or so. Did they even use a torque wrench? Who knows, feels tight? YOLO! The best part is, once this person gets good at what they're doing, the cycle will start again. New management who thinks they know what is best, making the exactly same choices as the last guy. So no more corporate bullshit, let

People Who Leave Stupid Reviews

I just do not understand these people. Belinda... if you understood it might have been a busy night, then why bother leaving a 3-star review. pretend to be understanding, then leave a shitty review anyways. "The food has been great all those other times, but I'm just gonna leave them a bad review because they had one bad day."   Granted, 3-stars isn't as bad as the over-dramatically entitled fucks who basically have a meltdown. But I'm too lazy to find them to use as an example.   So... if YOU screw up, you probably want people to understand... be compassionate... look at things from your perspective... and on and on and on. But people make mistakes, it is just a part of being human. But if other people make mistakes, oh noooooooooooooooooooo! They should be ashamed of themselves! They are the ones who are supposed to be professional perfect, mistakes will not be tolerated and will be reflected accordingly in dumb as fuck reviews.   Some people

How The Fuck Are You People Shitting

How the fuck does it spray on a wall? And how in the fuck does it seem to go backwards... then upwards? I think our human population got aliens in the mix, whose assholes are detachable, because there is simply NO way. I've stumbled upon murder scenes made of shit and toilet paper, and let me tell you... I am now an unwilling expert in poop analysis. On a side note, if you are one of these people who literally cannot clean up their own shit. You are part of the reason this country is in the shitter. Seriously, you sat on your nasty fucking ass... made a mess... then just shrugged. Leaving it for some poor underpaid soul to pick up after you. The shit is one thing, but there are degenerates who leave their toilet paper crown. Right fucking there, and probably their shit in the toilet too... cause why not. What we need less of, is people like that in the world. This attribute is one of those special qualities with zero boundaries or discrimination. Assholes of all genders, smarts, c

People Walking In Groups Are So Dumb

Another beautiful aspect of people we consider civilized human beings, which transcends race and political affiliation. If you think,   "Oh, only certain kinds of people do that"   You can shut the fuck up right there. You... are... all... equally... highly regarded.   Which means stupid as FUCK . Seriously, how hard can it be. Walking on a damn sidewalk, it is easy right? No, most people are too stupid to even get that right. Imagine this, you are walking alone on a walkway, sidewalk, tunnel, sky bridge, or whatever the hell you people walk on. Let's also imagine it is narrow, which should be pretty obvious, there is no fucking way you'll fit legions of oblivious phone zombies.  Now, imagine they weren't on their phones. But they SEE you coming, and yet... they still decide that taking up the whole walkway, by walking 2 or 3 wide... is a good idea. Oh, it gets better. Then when you decide to fuck those retards by powering through them, they look at you like you

Getting Tricked By The Jack-In-The-Box Girl

My daily ritual:  wake up, take a shit, take a shot, go to work, buy shitty food from any place still open, eat, sleep, repeat. One of the places I frequent most, is Jack In The Box. Cause it's close to my house. But,  REALLY , it's because there was this cute Mexican chick working the drive-thru. And I'm desperate. ...Not just desperate, but, very desperate. So, one day. I met this cute, little thang. Her name was Crystal Gomez. I'm sure more people have seen that pussy, than the entire populations of some towns. But I didn't know she was a thot... Not yet. I thought she was just a cute girl working the night-shift, just like me.  I go there, get my shit, stare at some ass. Then go home and jerk this meat. Eventually, we had seen each other enough, to where, a beautiful spark had developed. She started giving me some free shit, with my shit. I was feeling generous, one night. I decided to get that nice ass some tacos and bring it to her. She got in my car, so I nat

Betas Hating On Trucks

Browsing Reddit, was mistake number one. But my second mistake was actually reading what people had to say, and the explosive diarrhea of "I dOn'T dRiVe A TrUcK CaUsE I aIn't OnE Of THOSE peOpleZzzZzz" speaks a lot about our society. We are full of fucking r... respectable people. First off, I drive a truck, and that bitch is more fuel efficient than my Lexus IS350. Because we have the technology to shut off shit while cruising now, so if I don't punch it everywhere, it will shut down 4 cylinders therefore making my truck a Honda Civic. Can your entitlement fueled Subaru Outbacks do that? I don't think so. At least, I think incels drive Outbacks. Right? So uh, whatever those nerds drive, that is what's fueled by their tears. But wait you say, "Why do you even need all that truck?" How about you mind your own fucking business?  Because I just like driving one??? Why do you like getting pegged? Shouldn't you enjoy being the one that's fucki