Dumb Shit Reddit Girls Say

Check this out fellas. Hello ladies! I'm not the best at making posts. I'm more of a lurker than a poster, but I felt this would be a great thread to post! When it comes to dating, what are your deal-breakers that make you say, "I'm definitely not giving the scrote a chance." I definitely believe that is a great thing to have standards. I'll start. These are my dating deal-breakers: No Job. No Car. Lives with his mom. Hates feminism. Hates children. Has gone to prison and is a convict. Smokes cigarettes. Smoking cannabis is okay, since it doesn't stink as bad and I support cannabis in general.   I just need to stop here and say, what a dumb bitch. First of all, I had to fix a bunch of grammatical errors, and I'm not even halfway down the list. He does drugs/is an alchoholic. (Cannabis is the only drug I'm cool with, and I hardly consider it a drug to begin with.) Plays Call Of Duty. I HATE that game and I find it so stupid. Halo is definitely bette

Stupid Pedestrians

Between the tweakers and the snobby rich bitches... man... what a time to be alive. You need to turn right, you are holding up the whole world, and there it is. The asshole pedestrian. Also known as the snob. They simply do not cross the crosswalk, they need to walk as slow as possible. Strut that ass, maybe even show off that $400 homeless-inspired blazer a bit. These people think everyone is staring cause they jelly, jelly cause you ain't them. Well I have some bad news, that isn't the look of jealously, that is me fighting this uncontrollable urge to run you the fuck over. Then we got tweakers that randomly dart into the street. They're like rabbits, they wait until you are close enough to kill them, then they cross the street. I've had so many close calls, one of these days I'm going to drunkenly... er... accidentally run over one. If you're gonna roam around town tweaked the fuck out, use the damn signal. Do the world a favor, I don't want to have to fi

How To Tell If Her Pussy Is Clean

I'd rather be a celibate virgin, than eat cottage cheese... again. You just met this girl, things are going pretty good, and you're probably gonna hit it tonight. But you're still worried about that one cottage cheese incident.  That cheese is still fresh on your mind. Is there a way to tell if you're about to get some unwanted Parmesan on that salad? I consulted the experts: Me: My man! I need some wisdom. Gary: Mood morning my friend, what is on your mind? Me: I was just in the shower, and I was thinking... How can you tell if a girl you just met has that squeaky clean pussy? Gary: I thought you were gonna say that you were thinking about me in the shower. 💦 First, you do the sniff test. If she passes that, then rubber up. Don't lick that pussy until you know some history! 👅 Me: Is there a way to tell before you're already past the point of running the fuck away? Gary: No, she could be a clean freak, and you might still end up lickin

TikTok Influencers

Ah, nothing like a fresh cup of cringe in the morning. We got so many people desperate for attention, they are eating out of toilets, chugging cough syrup, and now... faking tourettes? These "influencers" will do anything for views, which is pretty fucking sad.  But let's be real here. All they're desperately screaming is, "I want to get paid for doing nothing." And that's a pretty honorable goal in itself, I myself, would love to sit around all day and film myself doing stupid shit... while getting paid $100,000 a year.   Just who the hell are the people paying for all this? I mean, do we have a bad case of the old farts with too much money? I guess as long as you get eyeballs looking, you can blast annoying advertisements at them then rake in that cash. But that's only if you are YouTube or the Tok. Still... it doesn't make sense to me. I mean, if I were selling shit, I wouldn't want my products advertised on some chick making a sundae with

Rich Folks And Their Sugar Babies

I happen to know a lot of escorts, hookers, companions... whatever you wanna call it, it is the oldest profession in town. Right next to working behind a dumper at Wendy's giving $20 BJs. Every now and then, these girls would tell me about some rich bruh, who will take them to a nice little brunch then causally drop $1,500 on the table.  "Here you go! Just a little gift from me." Do you know how long it would take to make that kind of money, sitting behind a dumpster? A long time. And the funny part is, these assholes got families too, so they're already treatin the wifey to that Chanel and L.V. yum yum. Yet, they got SO much money, they can afford to splurge on a side piece/s too. These girls are already making 200+ an hour, and if you are a "high-class" escort, it is 500+ an hour easy. And don't even get me started on that chick who did like one video, so now she thinks she is a porn star... they are not broke. Yet, here we are. I don't know about