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Stupid Young People Lingo

When I was a kid, the old farts would always complain about how stupid all the kids sounded.

I was unfortunate enough to be stuck at a concert with these assholes. The ones who like to talk in their own language.

"Yo, was that concert was fucking yeet?"
What the hell is yeet?

"It's yeet bro."
 I have no fucking idea what you're trying to say? The concert was good?

"It was yeet."
Oh I get it now, so when I fucking knock your teeth out. It would be totally YEET!

There are so many cool terms!

Terms which I think are fucking retardation, at best. I mean some sound alright, like it makes sense.

"Yo, I'm faded."
Still sounds dumb.

"Man, that was fucking lit!"

"I'm fucking on cloud 9, right now!"
That is fucking stupid.

"Dude, your outfit is on-point."
Now that one makes sense.

"I'mma go Juul outside."
You mean vape? Oh no, its "different" because... Shut the fuck up. You'…

The Body Image-ally Challenged

Someone posted this masterpiece to the legendary MISC section of the Body Building forums. And I gotta say:
If the retards keep reproducing like this, then we... Are... Fucked.

"This British man has embraced his body rolls and man boobs, and is showing them off.

For years, Stevie Grice-Hart struggled with his weight and fluctuated between 252 pounds and 140 pounds.

“I grew up as a bigger kid,”

Grice-Hart, a 26-year-old financial advisor in Southampton, told The Post.

“I looked to the media for role models, but all I saw were ripped, chiseled guys with jawlines longer than my life expectancy. That just makes me feel worse about myself.”

 So he turned to crash dieting, calorie counting and working out seven days a week. Though he dropped about half of his body weight, which he described as “dangerously skinny,” Grice-Hart said he still felt unhappy.

“I lost not just the weight, but I lost a part of who I am,” Grice-Hart, who stands at 5-foot-10, said.

“I thought if I lost the weig…

Not Being 6-Feet Tall

I see a lot of females on the dating apps saying, if you're under 6-feet tall...

"Don't even bother."
It's funny because if you're 6-sexy-feet tall, you're considered more attractive. Right? Otherwise, why would these bitches even bother putting up a height filter.

Then you,also deserve an attractive woman.

But these bitches?

They're nothing special.

"I'm a beautiful woman, I say! We're all beautiful people!"

Bitches think they're all beautiful.

And like, totally not all the same... Maybe the crazy come in slightly different flavors, but I digress.

Except there is one big, big problem. Just like how some of you are short, and some are fucking tall. Not all bitches are beautiful or attractive... That's just fact.

I'm short, and that's that. It's true.

And you're ugly.

Demands like that from 5'10 skinny model-types, or sugar mamas...? Sure I understand. They got something worthwhile, whether it be looks …

So I Joined SeekingArrangements

Some people would say, I don't respect women.

And some people, would be right as fuck.

One night, I had a couple shots and had an awesome idea!

Trying to get free pussy from Tinder wasn't working, so let's flip the cards. And no, I don't mean go L.G.B.T.L.M.A.O.

Let's pretend to be a sugar daddy!

So during my Tinder days, I would try to find these "matches" right? And when I finally did, I'd shoot a couple messages,

"Hey, I love your *Insert bullshit* they look great on you. How are you?"
Start off with the same, old bullshit. It usually goes nowhere as you would quickly run out of shit to say.

A funny thing about Tinder is, I'd ask the bitch out and she would say no... So? What exactly was the point of all that chatter?

I only met one girl off Tinder.

And she crazy.

Bitches from Tinder can be categorized into the following: crazy, ego-boosters, fat/ugly, catfish, and guys pretending to be girls

If you got a dink, and you're on Tin…

Getting Bitches In 2019

I have a girlfriend, which might surprise some of you.

Free pussy.

That is right.

But there's really nothing free about it because... Nothing that involves pussy is ever free.

You will pay: financially, emotionally, physically spiritually, chronologically.

You WILL pay.

And I'm probably going to be single again in the not too distant future.

Back in the day, I really respected women. I was shy, quiet, and excessively introverted. I was one of those who would say,

"Hey she isn't a bitch, she's a lady!"
I would be proud to have a beautiful lady, whom, I could treat like a princess! Work hard all day, and come home to her beautiful smile. Nothing else! I want to spend every free moment with my love. Give her everything because she is worth every penny.

Now I feel disgusted even thinking those words.

A bald, mother-fucker once told me,

"You've got to be an asshole. Bitches love assholes, just don't give a fuck about them. Be an asshole..."
The w…