Crazy Truth About Women

24 years of being the nice guy has taught me many things.

...Some are eye-openers.

...Some are very unique insights.

But two of the most important things which have been blessed upon me is...

One, women (especially the bad girl type) are essentially...

Illogical creatures who let games/emotion run their decision making process.

Two, nice guys are naive idiots.

Don't believe me?

Well, if I gave you a dollar for every girl that I have tried to have sex with, only to get the same, "Oh, Leo. You are such a nice guy, I am so glad to have you as a friend." speech, then go home pissed to some porn and my hand... then you, my friend.

Will have plenty of money to buy me many beers to drink away my pain.

Let me tell you guys a story, so I met this girl a while ago. Lets call her Seattle Hoe, I took her on a few dates but things were going nowhere fast and I just needed a little break, a breather.

So, a week flies by and I had not said a word to her.

I decided to send her a text, just to see how she was doing and got a surprise.

She said she had messed up; I had no idea what she meant so I told her that if there was anything I could do, I had her back.

Yes, her...  back.

I got a call and heard a crying voice on the other end, she said she needed me and wanted me to come see her, in a strangely British accent.

I was at work, but who was I to ignore a girl in need. So I took time off to go see her and perform my duties as the nice guy.

Long story short.

...Some asshole got her pregnant.

...Avoided her when news broke.

...Dropped off money for an abortion.

...Disappeared into the sunset.

Her other male "friends" also disappeared in a puff of smoke when they heard she was pregnant.

I happened to be the only guy to show up in her time of need. While I was there, all she could talk about was this guy and how great he was... It was like I wasn't even there.

Yes sir, story of my life right there...

Always in the shadow of someone who seems to be doing something right.

I will be honest, listening to her and seeing how hurt she was, I actually started to tear up. I don't know how anyone could do that to a girl and not feel any guilt. But before you tell me, I know what you are thinking...

"Leo, you are quite the idiot." 

Yes you are very right.

I knew all this about her and how many guys she is probably FUCKING, except me of course; because I am her best friend and we all know you don't let friends in your vagina, amirite?!

(Editor Leo's Note: Holy shit. Reading this again, got me thinking. Was I really this dumb? This can't be me.)

So yeah, I should have been like, "see you later, bitch!"
A long ass time ago. 

But you know... the struggle is real.

So I sat there and comforted her the entire night, got drunk and told her in a nice and gentle way how great she is, and all that good stuff. Things a nice guy would be obligated to do.

Fast forward a week, I decided to take her out to see if I could win her over with more kindness and try spending a ton of money to impress her just to see if money could do it.

I rented a town car, a driver, took her to a fancy restaurant and around town. Then, went back to her place and drank some more, where the conversation turned again to our favorite dreamboat. Once again, I comforted her and told her how much I cared about her and that she shouldn't be wasting her time with this asshole.

Because FOR THE LOVE OF GOD who just took her out and did his best to show her a great time? It was mother fucking ME!

So here I am again, she invited me over because she cooked some food that I liked. Maybe this time she actually realized what a great dude I am and wanted to have some sexy time?

Alright, lets go.

I went over, we ate and obviously drank like fishes; then had fun to a little music. Nice! It seems like things are going well for me! As the night went on she got really drunk and pulled up a picture of... you guess it. Showed me and started to go through their old texts and started crying.

I bet... You were all thinking; Is he going to do the same routine again?

Perhaps, love will shine through the dark cloud of a woman's judgement?

Hell NO! Tonight, I decided to take my balls out of my pocket and zip-tie them right where they belong.

I am done being fucking nice.
No more soft voices and comforting words. 

I was finally doing what I should have done, be a goddamn man.

I told her in a firm, straight up way, that she is being used and I don't get why she is wasting her energy on stupid crap. I told her if I wanted to use her as nothing more than a thing to have sex with I would do that exact thing.

She then started protecting the guy, while at the same time saying she hates him and did not care.

Well, I said she obviously did otherwise she wouldn't be staring at his picture and looking at their old conversations, completely disrespecting me.

Being a douche, seemed to have surprised her and it was like she actually wanted more. Stepping away from my usual wussy self was... to put simply,


I didn't even care about sex anymore because it was THAT rewarding.

What I did find fascinating was how someone could have such a grip on her, it was like there was some secret to making a girl obsess over you and all he did was say dumb shit; like, "I know you want me." and acted like he did not care whether she was alive or not. I actually wanted to meet this guy and ask for some tips. HA!

So what happened after I stopped being nice?

She didn't kick me out or anything, she looked at me in this sad puppy kind of way and stopped talking about her dreamboat and went on to enjoy the night together.

Good. Because to be honest, there is a point where you, me, every guy deserves much better. And I would have been too drunk to drive home anyway, so getting kicked out would have sucked.

This is actually not the first, or second time I have met this exact same situation, almost word for word.

Just a different name and sob story.

Let me tell you something, you only can get used so many times before you start to realize something might be wrong with what you are doing.

As time went on, I had a epiphany.

I had a realization that hit me like a punch to the face, a kick to the nuts, a premature detonation in bed.

Well... when it comes to choosing who to open their legs to. Yes, I know there are scientific and primal reasons which I do not and will not care about. I have been told countless times, by girls, that they want a man who is sensitive, caring, generous, and treats them right. Sure, I guess that could be true. But they just WON'T sleep with THAT guy. Those same primal and scientific reasons steer them the opposite direction.

Through this experience, I have been gifted with the power of indifference, relieved of the worry and care that plagued my soul, the frustration of not knowing what was wrong with me is no longer on my mind.

This, has actually helped my interactions with the ladies, I sometimes would ask myself why am I even  nervous.

In my mind, I know there was never anything wrong with me.

It has always been her fault, she does not know what she wants, she is there just waiting for the next guy who knows the game to take her home. I just happen to not be a very good player.

I was given this advice (which I ignored), a long time ago. A wise old guy, told me that it is not the woman who gets to choose who to sleep with. It is the confident man that picks, her. Not the other way around.


So guess there was some truth to that advice.
In summary, here are the things my beautiful date told me while she was drunk.

Leo, is very nice and she appreciates him. He treats her right and does not play games which is boring, because she is so used to guys playing the game, going back and forth, trying to figure out each others motive. Our dream boat, makes her feel a rush every time they meet and makes her feel very alive. Our love bug, also treats her like crap and shows up in her life very sporadically, so it is always a surprise.

It just blows my mind, that a man like me would need to stoop to such a level in order to get laid. But I guess it is what it is. Although the game forces us to be someone we are not.

Always remember, we are still nice guys on the inside!

Want to know how I did after all this enlightenment and enrichment? There is a part two to this post on the way, or depending on when you are seeing this. Its out there waiting to be read!


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