Trinity Nightclub

My personal favorite, Trinity.

Located at:
111 Yesler Way, Seattle.


The all important question, how is the crowd? 

More importantly, how are the girls!?

In general there are some weird people, but every now and then I see shit that is REALLY weird. Like someone who looked like they just stumbled in from a very bad, low-budget horror movie. Some things you just can't fix, even when you drown it in Henny.

The other 98% are regular people in their early-late 20's, mostly made up of Asian and Black folks. My people.

The girls are mostly good with a few stunners. Get drunk and none of that matters, they all look good! Come in early and don't stay too late because towards the end of the night, it pretty much turns into a party of bros.

I'd say the trashy level is a good medium-high. Crowd is not too aggressive and pretty laid back, if someone bumps into you, they apologize and ect.


They claim to have three rooms of music, while, that is technically true. It's more like two.

The EDM room which is the largest, with its own bar and bathroom under the DJ area. Music is mostly EDM-ified versions of your mainstream favorites. Very large dance floor with a bar on one end and the DJ area on the other.

The hip-hop room is smaller and very blue. They play your Drakes and Futures, if you are not black it might look a little intimidating; cause its like 95% black in there. Do not fret, just drink a little Hennessy and blend in.

The last room, is more like a hallway with a bar, I wouldn't even call this a room. Guess they like to overestimate the size of their shit. Its a hallway which leads to the outside and you can find tables set up along the wall. Music is hip-hop and pop, similar to whats on the radio; more chill and laid back than the other rooms.

The dance floors are generally very clean, except towards the end of the night. You will for sure be stepping on cups or beer cans. But there are people running around collecting glasses and whatever crap people leave, all night. So its not like they don't try. Its just all these inconsiderate drunk asses like tossing shit everywhere.

Security here is very good, you won't be seeing any fights inside or out on the streets because cops are everywhere once doors close. Its much safer than places I have been where people were wrestling on the ground and I had to skip-to-my-Lou over.


With most clubs, the drinks here are pretty expensive. 

Buying Henny shots for you and your friends to get from sober to drunk will probably run your wallet down pretty good. They have deals for certain drinks at certain times.


Pretty clean but as the night goes on, it gets questionable, especially the stalls. 

Whatever you do, don't take a nap on the floor.

There is usually no line or waiting, just come in take a piss or puke and get out. No panic involved.

For the ladies, it seems to be the opposite. Cause they all take so damn long.

There is a bathroom attendant there at the door, who does an okay job. And this is the bare minimum of, okay. Paper towels sometimes run out and you gotta use toilet paper to dry your hands. I don't know how you can run out with a attendant there, but whatever. Don't get drunk and tip anymore than $5 or more, like me.


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