2014 McLaren MP4-12C Spider

Starting from an old beater, to the lap of luxury, then a super car.

What did I learn?

Time for a story.

My first car was only $4000: it got me from A-B, kept me warm during winter, cool in the summer and never let me down (too bad I can't say the same about the women in my life but that's another story). I learned so much from working on that thing. From the successes to the many fuck-ups, it taught me a lot. Like that cougar who shared her "wisdom" via the hands-on approach. You walk away with some cool tricks.

It was a car: it drove, rattled a bit and made *vrroom vroom* sounds when I stepped on it. It had wheels, tires and bounced a bit going over bumps.

My second car was a $40,000 Lexus. I expected to be wowed and amazed when I saw the difference, in like, fucking life. But, it was the same-ish. It drove, had wheels, made engine sounds and got me from A-B. The real difference was in the ride, it was quieter and smoother. Not a night and day difference but enough to make you say, "hmm, not bad!" And not having to fix things all the time is a bonus.

The third car was a $200,000 McClaren. It is not my car, sadly. Though I did spend a lot of time driving it, staring at it, caressing it's yellow body then stuck my... I mean... uhh... I really wish I could steal it and run to Mexico, hide it in my bedroom, something like that.

Yet, it was still, a car. I wasn't completely lost or baffled. It was like hopping into another Lexus or any other random car I was not used to. Only this one was face peeling-ly fast. Maybe not face peeling, more like neck straining-ly fast.

In essence, a car, really is, just a car. It doesn't matter how much it costs. The carbon fiber trim was expensive and cool to look at but it felt like any other plastic part. The $1,500 carbon fiber key was not much different from my FOB from Lexus. The interior rattled, I didn't float over speed bumps, there is no Bluetooth, no backup camera, the buttons and stalks felt cheap. All this in a package costing well over, wayyy too much.

But the speed and looks are amazing.

One real difference between all these cars is the image you project. You blend in with everyone driving my old beater, you're a successful middle-class worker with my Lexus and you have blossomed into a beautiful, super star flower with a McLaren.

The attention is addictive: people waving at you, taking pictures, videos, all while you are just out and about. The sensation of fame is mesmerizing.

My point? Don't waste your money if you are:

A: Not a car fanatic who will enjoy every SINGLE pony a car has to offer.

B: Shy and afraid of excessive attention.

For those people, a typical luxury car is all you will ever need. Anything else is just excessive. Send over your rain cloud of money to me, instead.

Now, if you enjoy the excessive, even annoying attention (both negative and positive) and the power then a super car is for you! Save up, don't buy a house. Buy a Lamborghini instead!

Some people, step out from under those Lambo doors and walk away realizing what they have in life is already perfect. No need to climb any more rungs on that ladder.

I walked away from that McLaren, a changed man. It's like having a one night stand with Beyonce: sleeping in her bed, having her cook me breakfast, tossing her dogs a bone then taking a dip in her hot tub. You drive away, thinking, "Damn, I wish that was my everyday, I miss her already."

Then you fall in love.


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