Taking Advice About Women, From Women?

So, is it a good idea to ask girls how to treat other girls; so I can get laid?

Short answer, fuck that. 

Been there, done that. My buddies would tell me one thing, I would run to the nearest girl and ask her if this was a good idea, she would say no and instead approach the situation, like this.

Never got laid from any girl's advice. 

I feel that girls are hardwired to give advice that would do nothing more than make you into her BFF, bestie, and brother. Fuck that.

My advice, if you are truly a good person. Keep that in your heart and lock it there. Then, be who you dream of being and don't give a fuck what anyone thinks. Listen to the bros who have game and truly LISTEN.

Be who you want to be and don't apologize for shit. Add their wisdom to your arsenal.
For example, I have a friend who is dating this girl who everyone knows is a slut. Shit, might as well turn her bedroom into an In-N'-Out, all you can eat oyster buffet. 

But, bro is SENSITIVE and this girl plays the game like a pro. Every time we go to the club together, it ends with bullshit. She sluts around and gets bro jealous. Being the high-class lady she is, she simply doesn't give a fuck. This constant back and forth gets annoying quick: break up, get back together, break up, get back together, fight, make up, fight, make up.

Perfect example of a toxic relationship right here. Your Angus beef of drama, sizzled in your favorite sauce of endless suffering

These two have "broken up" yet again. Here we have me and a girl trying to set some shit straight.

Lee-Bro: "Cut it off, this is like the 1000th time y'all broke up. Obviously this bitch does not respect or care for you. Cut the bitch off and get a new girl RIGHT NOW. If you are feeling generous, one last chance is all she gets. If she fucks up, delete her number and tell her you are done, SEE YOU NEVER BITCH!

You are letting her walk all over you, she knows whatever she does, your dumb ass will forgive her. Switch the roles, if could cheat on a girl and she will forgive you, regardless, would you cheat? 


Girl: "Talk to her first and tell her how you feel about what she is doing. I know she sleeps around a lot, but try to get her side of the story. Work things out together, don't go hooking up with random girls to get back at her, it will only make things worse. Talk and tell her how you feel."

Okay, so her advice is to try and fix a toxic relationship while mine is to go out and get shit done. 

Having been a girl's personal door mat myself, I know it is not fun. A sort of hopeless desperation surrounds you, like a dark cloud that blocks your sunshine. You can't see it but those around you can.

Use common sense and most importantly use your brain, clean out those cob webs. For example, lets turn this into an analogy. You have a car with problems:

1. You use your noggin and assess the situation, is it worth fixing? Can you fix it? If things look workable, you grab your wrench and toss some parts around. You end up with a great, reliable car that you've personally invested time and energy into. You love your car. It's your baby. 

2. Your car is constantly breaking down, but you love it. So you continue pouring money into it. Your blood, sweat and tears is what fuels the engine. Oh look, you're stranded again. This is what we call a money pit, no matter how much you pour into this thing, it is always breaking down. Fuck this shit.

3. You buy a new car. No more problems.

Situation two is where our friend is at. Of course, with enough effort you can fix anything. But is it worth it in the end? Are you gonna be happy after selling your kidney for a new engine? Are you gonna be happy giving up everything you've got for this particular girl?

Feelings don't solve problems. Use your logic and solve fucking problems. Don't be stuck on any one girl.


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