How To Tell If She Is Ratchet

How do you find out if she is a ratchet? 

This one is a bit of a set up. But hey, if she passes, it's win-win.

So I want to see another person's true colors, without resorting to options that will land me in the big house. Well, there is the boring way, which is to wait or secretly stalk them. But hey, time is money. So we're gonna kick the fucking door down and steal some panties for a more -- thorough... Investigation.

What I'm saying is, get your girl drunk, get her ass to the club, hang back a bit and see what she does.

Now, a few things might be running through your mind, questions, perplexing revelations. Things like:

"Hey, isn't that, like, unfair?"

"Everyone does dumb shit when shit-faced."

"A shot of Hennessy, sounds really good right now."

We are essentially manipulating the results to go against your girl, but they do the same shit to us all the time. We are just returning the favor. What's important is her conduct during this scientific endeavor, it will tell you everything you need to know: is she good, bad, can she drink, are you a jealous-type, do you actually like her... is she ratchet!?

I've seen seemingly good girls end up being truly good, ratchets who were in disguise and ratchets prove she is, like for real, a ratchet.

The good girls just do things differently, they stay with the group, keep a respectable distance from random people, ect.

Them bad bitches are on a whole other level.

Where you decide to take your relationship now that you know, depends entirely on you. Just try not to fall head over heels for that booty. You know you're on a one way street, the destination is a tub of ice cream and lots of R&B.


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