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Lesbian Viet

Oh mah goodness. Where do I start with this one.

Lil Blue, has a friend -- Les Viet. Exquisite face, heart-stopping body (but small tits, tho) and purveyor in the art of carpet munching. Wow. *Heart*

I mean, it doesn't bother me. I don't look down or disrespect a good lesbian-ing, it's fun watching two bitches get down. I'm not jealous.

But, that ass...


Our target for the night of debauchery is Sugar Hill, as you can probably tell from the intro, it is gonna end on a low note for me. But I ain't sour, no.

Lil Blue and I arrive on scene, looking fresh! We wait for everyone else.

A few minutes go by.

Les Viet is here and she is looking good in that camouflage outfit... Wassup. Then The Snob and a bunch of random bitches show up.


"Is everyone here? Yes? No? Who cares let's go."

Now in the club, I look around. I soon realize... I showed up on fucking lesbian night because -- actually. 
Fuck why.

The party is about to get lit!

While waiting …