To Avoid Being Used By Women

It's a cold world out there. Everyone wants something from you, it seems like there are no honest people left. The only ladies we can take pleasure in meeting, nowadays, are gold diggers or straight up bitches.

I read an article, one time, about a girl. Although, bitch would be a better description. She goes on dates with random suckers just for the free food and drink.

Then, disappears.

This fact begs to question.

How many... were honest, good people. With a genuine interest in her.


Now, all those heart-broken individuals will go out to return the favor. Perpetuating the cycle until the world burns, fueled by it's own heartlessness.

Now, I'm a believer in the fact that if you are dumb enough to let yourself be taken advantaged of; then, you deserve it. But, I cannot help but feel bad for those poor souls, getting played like that.

First of all, here is a golden rule. YOU MUST ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND. Set a kindness/gentleman limit.

Society demands that all genders be considered equal. But those bitches still expect us to pay first. Yeah sure...

Why don't you feminists take a step in my shoes then take me out on a fancy dinner, courtesy of... You.

Set your limit: one dinner, two drinks, first stop on you and next on her. Know how many times you are willing to happily open that Louis Vuitton wallet.

Then, when you hit your limit and she does not even try to pay. The night is over.

Are we not jumping to conclusions? You wonder.

Pretend you and I went out for drinks, the first night, you got the entire bill. The next time we go out, I forgot my wallet, you pay again. The third night, I had some excuse and could not pay.

What is running through your mind?


No normal human being has that much trouble paying. Unless, they were using you.

Set your limit and stick to it. Cut out anyone who abuses your kindness. No mercy for leeches.

I try to keep everything balance and fair. Or 60/40. With me paying 60 percent of the time and whoever paying 40. I'm happy with that ratio. Yours may be 50/50. Who knows. Stick to it.

There are many people in the world. 

Don't feed freeloaders.

Or birds.


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