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The Music Sucks At Clubs

It is November 29, 2017.

Why the fuck, are you playing the 80's... At a club...

In 20-fucking-17.
The clubs in Washington are providing an experience, which, coincides with partying in the vacuum of space. For it's patrons.

It is starting to fucking suck.
Just a few years ago, EDM was EDM and hip-hop is hip-hop. Now, everything is all mixed together. Which, sounds pretty good. But it's still silly.

With the latest trend... the 80's are making a comeback. And it's dumb as fuck.

Mixing hip-hop and EDM is passable, because you still have that bounce element. Mixing classic rock and EDM? It just make things awkward.

Like, what the fuck, awkward.
Not to mention, DJs are playing slower and slower, poorly EDM-ified music. They try to make it, at least, a little cool. But, its not.

DJs nowadays, suck.

I would get it, if, this was at one of those hipster bars in the weird part of town. But these are mainstream clubs. And Trinity has a room called the EDM room, which, for s…