2014 Lexus IS250

Maybe I am biased because I own one but I'm still pretty hard to please.

The interior is very plastic, Lexus did a great job of hiding that fact, however, the trim along with most features are gloss black, flat black or a metallic silver. Honorable mention goes to that plastic leather stuff, it is everywhere! At first glance, the interior looks quite luxurious. But, after some time, you realize it is all plastic. Just like my girlfriend.

The exterior scratches almost TOO easy. But that black looks so good though. When you say you have a black Lexus, you get instant street cred.


The styling looks great! The sides have a splash of that signature BMW look. The front is unique to itself with the rear reminiscent of a Supra. A gripe I do have, is that, I wish the front came down lower and the car overall was a smidge longer. The way it looks just feels incomplete.

Speaking of looks, an annoying fact of owning this car is that everyone and I mean EVERYONE has an F-Sport IS. I thought F-Sport was supposed to be a special or rare package. But it's not exactly rare, when there are more F-Sport IS250s buzzing around than the regular IS. So, if you want to be unique with the latest generation of IS, don't get the F-Sport. The moving gauge cluster is really cool, though!

Seriously, that moving cluster is cool.

The engine of the IS250 is, to sum it up, slow but very quiet. It would take a bit to get from 0-100 MPH. But, you can still blow by the cops at 110+ MPH easily, you just won't get there as quick as the IS350. But damn, is that engine buttery smooth. Is it not the same engine that is in the Camry? No? Yes? Who cares.

More gripes? The infotainment is slow, the auto-dim feature is wayyy too weak, as in, oblivious people with brights on, bro-tricks and those with improperly aimed headlights will still get ya, even though you have the technology. Then there's the overall storage capacity of the car -- its little. Exhaust note is very weak, if you like quiet then it is great. If not, you need an upgrade.

The overall value is there, just not that much. Brand new, these babies run for 50K+. Which, is way too damn much. Knowing what I know now, a more reasonable, down-to-earth price of 35K-45K new, would be right at home with this generation IS.


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