Aggressiveness In Getting Dates

Getting dates...

How aggressive should you be?


I wanna go in there and fuck some shit up!
Yes, that might work. But I feel like your success rate will be a tick higher, with a different approach.

If it was her idea, or, you made it SEEM like it was her idea. Then, you've got this. You are her date.

Stud muffin.

Being overly aggressive, like those annoying sales people, who, pester you until you throw your shit down, open your wallet, toss them all your cash while you elegantly exclaim,


"FUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK! I HOPE YOU SIT ON A FUCKING ACORN, YOU STUPID SALES... BITCH! I'm gonna go jump off a bridge now, thank you. Hope you enjoy your money."

Will sometimes work, but, you are fighting an uphill battle. Unless you prove yourself to be an amazing son of bitch. You are pretty much...


Whoever you are out with, she is probably there because...

...She wants you to shut up.

... She can't disappear.

...She feels sorry for you.

...She wants a free meal.

...She was pressured.

None of those things, are things you want your date to be thinking, as you are sitting across from her. It's just a waste of time and money, if so.

Lets try a different approach.

Instead of pressuring or putting someone on the spot.

Start with small talk, bullshit around. Once you get a good feel for whether she likes you or not. Ask to hang out sometime.

"Hey you are really fun, we should hang out sometime!"

If you get a no, no problem. There are thousands of other girls in your immediate area. Always remember, every vagina is the same. I've been in enough to say this with confidence.

They're all the same...

The only thing different is the face attached to it. If you think otherwise, you haven't been around enough.

So you got a yes? Good.

Now, go with the, "two-days free" approach.

"Hey, I'm free this Friday and Sunday. Do you like seafood!?"

I don't know why this works, but apparently, this makes you look busy or something like that. Which is good?

If she isn't available on those two days. Act bummed out, then, tell her you will try again another time. Wait until next week, try again. You are free for only two days. She has to pick one. Remember to ask her at the beginning of the week to give her plenty of notice.

If you get any questions, as to why, you are free only those two days.

"I'm busy, crazy schedule."

"I am working."

Don't automatically change your story if she isn't free. Then, you would be the...


The funny thing is, if you are free and ready to go out, whenever. Cause, I dunno.

Maybe you like, like her!

This lowers yourself a few steps. Because girls are just... you know... And if you go out of your way to show you care too soon.

You end up with nothing. 

But, if you are always on that edge. Where, you could find another girl, anytime. Yet, you like her and show just enough. It works. Because girls are just... you know...

Especially, the pretty ones in their 20's. Which, just happens to be my age group. So, them bitches are immature and live for games. Such as the one above.

Actually, even older women are the same. Now that I've reflected. Shit, maybe that's just life!

Recognize when you've met a unicorn. A pretty girl with a pretty face, sexy body, good personalty, loyal and not a slut.


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