Are All Women Crazy!?

Yes, what I just said.

Or is everyone crazy and my eyes are just now being opened to that fact.

Every girl I have met, after enough time, reveals something to me. Tits aside, this is a flash of her true colors. A color that makes me wince and cringe.

Lets review the last few relations.

My most recent girl, she is constantly jealous about something. Even when I'm just sitting there with my phone, catching up on some reading; she thinks I'm texting some girl. Even as I'm writing this, she wanted to know who I was texting. No one, for the 150th time today! Not to mention, when she is upset, she goes out to terrorize the poor people of Southcenter with her driving.

Before, it was "Sunny." She and I got along well. We did the usual. One day, we went out to eat together, after that, she disappeared. I was thinking, "okay, what the fuck." I was starting to get worried, she ignored all my messages for almost two weeks. I stopped by her place a couple times to check and she wasn't home. I was starting to think something happened, so I stuck a note on her door and hoped for the best before panicking. She finally texted me back. I asked her, why the hell was she ignoring me. Long story short... she said I was giving her a mean look that one night we went out, so she left me alone.


 I was shocked, I cannot believe someone can be that stupid. You got mad at me over a "look" and how old are you again? Especially since, I was not doing anything! I didn't apologize or try anymore after that. I stopped texting and got her out of my life.

Patty was pretty cute. Everything was going good, except she decided to randomly become the most difficult person to connect with. We would start a conversation, she would disappear, respond the next day then disappear. We had spent the night together, before her little vacation. She kept the annoying habit going, the last message I got was that she knew I had other girls. But, I didn't. Blah blah blah. That was that.

N is a Thai girl that was, for some reason, obsessed with everything Mexican. She was wild, in many ways. We did a lot together. She has a strange thing where when she got drunk, she turned into a completely different person. Overall, she was just one big ball of crazy. Even more so, when she is drunk and she loves her alcohol. Self damaging, oblivious, emotional and a uncompromising drunk. Maybe I was lucky I got away from her. What ended everything, was her decision to not sleep with me anymore. I told her, that was a good idea. She can also go find someone else.


Then there was this red head, she is basically the white version of N.  Never went to work, lazy as hell and hated condoms. She suckered me in because, hell, I'd do anything that moves. Just like Nancy she would drink all the damn time then blow up my damn phone. I had to block her.

Us fellas, are not any better. I'd see people make the dumbest decisions, try to rationalize it then get mad when people call them out on it. Just as stupid, as anyone else.



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