Asian/White Couples

I used to think it was pretty cool seeing people mixing it up.

Back in the day, it was not often that you saw an Asian girl dating someone NOT Asian.

Skip forward about a decade...

Now it's THE cool thing to do. Like, if you aren't dating white then you aren't good enough.

Why are all the Asian girls going for steak and eggs, instead of pho. What is this bullshit.

It is pretty funny actually, because in a sense, we do it to ourselves. I see so many try-hards and desperate excuses for men walking around. I'm ashamed.

These girls... They go above and beyond to act "white".

Which looks very stupid in itself.

I see these fucking YouTubers going at it on the tube, looking at them makes me cringe!

I dunno.

These bitches are so fucking fake. Like... You're trying to be something you know your not, so fix it by over compensating for everything.

I hear them talk and it sounds just like a rich, snobby, white girl.

At this point, I lost all control of my bowels.


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