Asian/White Couples

Okay, okay... OKAY!

Everyone and I do mean...

Everyone likes to joke about how we make it easy for, basically, everyone not Asian to slay all the Asian girls. Like a damn fishing ship, sweeping the ocean with it's big-ass net, catching all those fishies. Or maybe, a huge-ass whale with it's fat-ass mouth, chowing down on a huge helping of everything just by opening it's mouth.

Oh yeah!? Well, you know what!?

...You might be right, you pretentious asshole.

I almost never see someone like me, with a white girl. It's always the other way around. Why is that?

Why are all the Asian girls going for steak and eggs, instead of pho. What is this bullshit.

What is wrong with my people!?

Here are some reasons I think are why:

1. Remember Lil Blue? She a hoe. I find that most hoes, AKA Asian baby girls, are the ones who say they don't date Asians. But that wasn't my point.

Lil Blue and I were at her place and she decided to show me some of her "admirers." She called up S and had a cute little conversation with that fucker. Through speaker, so I could hear.

It wasn't cute. I cringed so hard, I almost shit my pants

Then, came the feels. S hoped that Lil Blue does not mind him sharing his feelings with her, because S is very sensitive. S, has a lot of feelings for her. S hopes that, it would be okay.

At this point, I lost all control of my bowels.

The entire conversation revolved around how beautiful Lil Blue was, how much S liked Lil Blue, blah blah blah blaaahhhahahahahhaha.

They need to make the technology, which, allows people to reach through phones and bitch slap someone because S needed one, bad.

2. I went to tour a local community college and what I see? Super tight jeans in crazy colors, tight-fitting-low-cut shirts in even crazier colors and dyed hair... And cute little buns... And everyone was small and skinny.

...And these weren't girls.

When you wear tighter pants than a girl. Something needs to be done.
3. I am 30 and I still wear Pokemon gear. I spend my money on Pokemon cards and video games. I talk like I'm the shit, but, I do whatever my girl tells me to do. Then, make it sound like it was my idea. Oh and I had to find my girl back home, because no one wanted me in this country.

Who am I?

...Sounds like a fucking loser.

My fellow comrades all fall in one of two camps. Shy as fuck or annoying as fuck. Very few are in between. A fellow inmate at the jail, I like to call, work. Also has a cute little blonde bun.

4. J, likes the attention. To the point where, J will randomly demonstrate his great singing ability at any given time, for random people.

In a group setting, J would try and talk over everyone. All...the...time.

J also likes to demonstrate the strength, which, J has acquired through months of doing baby weights at the gym. By doing push-ups in a cafeteria full of people, just cause.

When your entire existence is based around showing off. What does that say about you?

....Low self-esteem.

I might be wrong about all this and the real reason my crew ain't getting any action, could be, because they are all too afraid to make a move. Who knows.


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