Strip Club Lessons

I'm a big advocate of the prestigious, Big Ass N' Tits technical institute of advanced science.

There is so much to learn! 

 Look at the educational opportunities, which, lay before you. That ass and those fake tits.


Take in a big breath, smell the stripper lotion and cheap perfume permeating the atmosphere. I love it!

Go to the strip club and watch. Even strippers are choosy when it comes to which person they want to financially fuck over for the night.

So typical...

Find two people, one creeper and one clean cut. The creep sitting there with a hat on, trying to hide his face will get ignored most of the time. Where as, the other person, who, is sitting up straight, not afraid of anything and radiating confidence will get approached a lot more.

Let's be real, who goes to strip clubs?

...Losers that's who.

If you could get free pussy, you would never set foot in that shit. Which is why I used to be there a lot.

I'm a loser.

If went there as a confident and aggressive gorilla. It would be a very different game. Strippers are nothing more than gold diggers. But, if you got your shit on point, even they will bend a lil backwards for you, then of course, forwards.

I've seen it, I've lived it. They offer you sex, this and that.

And as always -- for a price.

Strippers for some reason, all think their pussies are lined with gold then lovingly sprinkled in diamonds. You could do much better with a hooker and for much less. So, no matter what they offer you, SAY NO! Unless you just stumbled upon a bag of drug money and need to be rid of it before the po-pos show up. SAY NO! NO! And NO!

All together now...


Lesson two, learning to not be a bitch's bitch. If you are a wuss, these girls will fuck you over good. Their radar is state of the art, the millisecond their cross-hairs lock on to you.  All systems are a go.

You will leave, asking yourself, what the hell just happened?

"Did I really just spend $300 on a girl... to have her sit on me?"

Yes you did, asshole.

You see, strippers are the ultimate test of your ability to say no. Because in life, you need to learn, no means fucking no. Say no to anything coming out of her mouth that tickles the "fuck no" nerve.

Those strippers will size you up, then, take a jab at your weak spot. Their jab could be anything. From trying to seduce you, to hustling you, to slapping you or just straight up demanding money.

I had a black chick from Rick's demand I pay her for "the conversation". I didn't even know how to respond. Pay you? For talking to me? That better be a joke.

She was tall, skinny, no ass or tits. Not even close to what I would call, hot. I was just talking to her because I wanted to be nice (prime example of getting locked-on).

Well, she smelled my weakness. Bitch was in my face, demanding money. I wimped out and kept saying sorry next time, next time. Too afraid to say what was really on my mind.

"Fuck no, I'm not giving you penny, dumb bitch."

Since then, I learn to be straight to the point. No fluff, weak apologies or beating around the bush.

I got the result I wanted, I did not give her a dime. But, I completely fucked up the interaction. I felt like I was bullied and was too afraid to stand up for myself. Is that how I wanted to live my life? Fuck no!

So, I kept going back to frolic in the relentless assault. Wave after wave, story after story of how she is stripping to pay for college, paying for her kids, blah blah blah.

I have become a piece of stone. No longer soft and weak.

Walking into a dark room, surrounded by half naked girls and many... many judging eyes might make you a little nervous. But, this is lesson three.

How do you handle, always having someone's eye on you? How about a lot of eyes? Hot girls?

It used to make me very nervous. Like the hand shaking, drop my phone, trip then fall kind of nervous.

The only way to conquer this fear? Strip club!



Diving head first into a harsh environment then stubbornly motor-boating those tits, until you adapt is called, progress.

Learn to walk in and maintain composure. Stay composed talking to girls you don't know. Composed while someone is doing something sexy to you. Composed composure.


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