Talking To A Random Girl

Dude, bro, dude, bro. Like bro, I just can't approach girls. 

Yes, I have always struggled with this. Breaking the ice... Those Ice Breaker commercials make it look so easy, if there was some fucking gum I could chew to make this shit easier, I'd buy in bulk, like pallet sized.

Cold approaching anyone, anywhere is difficult. 

You have to start off on a great foot to really get the ball rolling or it turns awkward...


Once you have taken the first step and made a move. Your demeanor, what you say and how you say it. Determines how far you're able to take the relationship.

The set up is simple. Your demeanor will say a lot about what is on your mind. Imagine you are talking with someone who likes you, but, you find them repulsive. At the same time, you want to be nice.

Keep that mentality. You want to make sure they don't know your true intentions, only that, you are strangely neutral.

So you stand angled away. Meaning, your toes are not pointing at their toes. Like if you were talking to me, your bro, you would stand with a shoulder pointing towards me then turn your head to speak. Same thing.

Keep your chin tucked in, your mouth closed yet relaxed.

Keep just enough eye contact for a casual conversation.

Play it shy, pretend like you are a little afraid of her. Look away to smile every now and then, to really sell it.

You want to avoid anything that says, I'm interested.

As for what to actually say.

Don't jump out and shower her with complements. That's gross. Hot girls, absolutely, hear this stuff all the time. So, save it.

Keep it casual. Remember, in our mind, she is still disgusting and we are just doing her a favor by talking to her.

If you really must complement her on something, pick something she is wearing. Then be like, "I love your shirt!" She will reply, "aww thanks..." You respond with a smile and "of course."

Once you've finished your small talk, reflect. She might have mentioned a place with some sexy food or some bullshit like that. You can ask her out somewhere similar or the same spot cause you've "never been there."

A reason to give her as to why you are asking her ass out? Cause she is fun to talk to, she is so nice, she seems fun to hang with, she sounds like she can handle a drink.

Remember stay neutral, you want it to seem like you are friend zoning her.

Something I'm sure, girls never, ever, do.

Then, if you want to pop the question and tie yourself down. Either wait for her to ask you or take her somewhere secluded and slightly private. Somewhere, where she is basically taking a risk by going with you. If she goes, you've got a pretty good indicator for her feelings toward you. Stud.

And please use common sense, don't be like, "let's go into the woods at 3 A.M." You will send rapist signals, screaming to everyone around you. Maybe a nighttime walk at the beach, private dinner, your room? Then, be like, "Tiffany, I really like you." Mushy mush mush.


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