The Reality Of Women

Years of messing up, followed by, years of getting it on.

I notice a pattern.

Don't call me crazy, just drunk.

Like you and I, there is a sequence to unlocking naughty time. Although, ours is much shorter and simple.

Big ass, nice tits, skinny and bent over. If she comes over then asks for a fuck, it's boom time.

It's that easy...

Girls are, more or less, the same. It is very similar to playing a dating sim. After a while, you will memorize the sequence of answers which will lead to vagina-town. Real life is the same shit.

Every person has the key in them. You need to figure out what works for you, the way you are in your most natural state. Shake what your momma gave you to its highest potential then exploit that shit to the fullest.

Some people like to play shy and innocent, some the loud and proud douche. No person can have more than one of what I would call, your highest, most pure self. With all inhibitions and hesitations removed, the you under all those layers is your key.

Faking a persona might work for a while, but you can't keep it up forever.

Be the real you and find the sequence to getting laid. Then, repeat until you are satisfied with life.


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