Ways To Make Her Wet

How do I start her engine? Help me out bro.

The first and easiest thing to do, whether it be a random girl or your girl... is kiss.

I will go into details later, basically, mix it up and have fun with it. Don't spend the whole time trying to eat her face.

Warning... Before we dive in, this is a messy list. It's not even a list. Just a bunch of things, thrown together, in a random order.

You have been warned.

Next spot is the neck/ear area. Kiss, lick and apply suction appropriately. I personally prefer to keep a light and sensual touch, here. Throw in a few bursts of roughness, but keep it mostly light.

Try kissing or licking the space between her neck and collar bone.

Lick her neck at the spot that's right between her vocal cords and muscle, kinda. You can feel it when you flex your own neck. Or just dive in, on the general area. The entire neck is pretty sensitive to the...

MAD SERPENT-LIKE *sticks out tongue​* "PSSSSSSS!"

Chest is next.

I'm sure we all know what to do here. But here's something you might not have thought of. Kiss/caress between her boobs, the under-jugs, the sides of her tits, around the nipples; then finally, the nips.

For the nipples them self, it's very hard to explain using words. Very, very hard. You feel me?

I will try.

Cause I'm so nice.

With your oral orifice, directly over her booby cover/cap/button. Push those nips... Well... Technically, just nip. Push the damn nip against your front teeth, with a relaxed tongue.

Then, lick it.

Up-down, side-to-side or both! You can even apply suction.

Variation two, is the same as above. Minus, your front teeth.

Try using just suction too! Suction, release, suction, release...

Using your palm this time, gently run it across her nipples. Pretend like you are trying to draw a circle, using her nipple.

Or gently run a finger across the tip of her nipple, then, around the sides.

Try flicking it, gently too!

You can be rough, just not too rough. Flick it hard, push it back inside or twirl it.

There are endless ways to play with tits.

I love it.

At the stomach.

I honestly don't really know what to do, with her stomach. It's just there, you know?

Kiss a big circle, lick her belly button, have fun with it.

We are now at the real, goods. The pussy!

I'm sure you know what to do. As for the tease part, try gently kissing each side of her pussy, on the outside. Super lightly lick between her lips or lightly run your fingers up down. Don't go inside just yet.

Plenty to do at her legs.

Kiss her inner thighs, start from her kneecap or even lower, then, slowly kiss up until you are close to her pussy. Stop, go to the other leg.

Or, try licking a long line from her lower leg, all the way up to her pussy.

Try caressing her legs with a super gentle, barely touching, brush. Or licks. Or whatever you feel like using, just be really light.

With her back turned to you, run your fingers/lick/kiss at the top of her spine, slowly run down her back until you are at her ass. Then, on to the next move!

Try kissing the back of her neck, slowly, down to where her shoulder meets with the neck. Then, kiss across her shoulder.

Rinse, repeat.

With her face up this time; try licking her inner thighs. Start somewhere near the kneecap or lower, when you are at her pussy, stop.

Go to the other leg, repeat.

This time, you give her pussy a little love. Gently kiss/lick between those lips and continue up to her lower stomach, to her stomach-stomach, between those tits, up her neck, finish with a kiss on the lips. The mouth one.

I've run out of secret techniques, for now. But there will be a part two.

Let me go fuck some more, first!


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