2017 Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

The holy grail of rich douche bags, EVERYWHERE!


Man, Leo. You are such a douche...

Hell YAH!

Where do I even start!?

I feel like, people just don't love Lamborghini drivers as much as they would, say... someone driving a McLaren.

People were happy to see a little, yellow McLaren, zipping around. But, with the Lambo, they either hated it, or just wanted to show off for the mysterious and handsome driver.

Though, I suspect I might know the reason. Maybe... Who knows. I'm no magic man.

So, I drove the ultimate douche-mobile.

What was it like?

Lots of revving, making loud noises. Being as obnoxious, as, humanly possible. And I loved every minute of that shit!

Just like the McLaren, driving the Huracan feels like driving a big, expensive go-kart. Or a lowered, not quite slammed car. You feel every bump and dip, in the road.

The steering is light-medium and very stable, something I love!

So, you hop in your Lambo, still a little buzzed from those Henny shots. You can let go of the wheel, it'll keep itself in line. Just don't crash. REALLY... Don't crash.

Or crash and let insurance pick up the tab.

Same same.

My attempt at a in-cabin, backfire video. It sucked. :(

So douche-y.

You can hear it pretty well in person, but, the camera picked up all the road noise instead.

The car is very fast. You can and will, definitely crash, if you fuck up.

Take a turn with too much gas and you'd be in the wall faster, than, the speed in which those annoying car bloggers can even unlock their phone's, to open the camera app. Even flooring it in a straight line gets messy. Nasty.

If you are someone, who, slams on the brakes as a car begins to slide. Do us a favor, don't drive fast cars. Locking your wheels, as, you are about to tongue kiss a wall, makes it all too easy for that wall.

Remember kids, stay above the influence. Don't do walls.

Interior feels, expensive!

Glossy and sexy. Everything I could ever want in a girl... I mean, car.

Gucci Gang!

Pictures do so much more justice, than, words.

And I'm sure everyone knows what a Huracan looks like, on the outside. So, I'm not gonna put up my crappy pictures. I'm a very bad photographer, btw.

It is very similar to the luxury, you would find in a Lexus. Except in a Lamborghini... at five or six times the cost.  You see the little knobby, on the left? Next to the even smaller, knob?

I got one.

So, its like, I have a Lambo. Right?


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