Blackness At The Club

There is nothing, which, amazes or impresses me more.

Besides your mom.

There is none as fearless or aggressive. As -- The token black bro.

Them assholes don't give a fuck. There have been many times, where, I got my girl stolen. Like, right in front of my face.

But, I'm not mad. 

I'm actually -- very impressed.

It takes guts and some admirably massive cojones to pull off that level of douche. I can't even approach the standard they've set. And I'm pretty douchey!

I remember one time,

It was actually, just like, last week.

I went to Trinity with a couple girls, they weren't that attractive. So, I didn't care. The instant they were on the dance floor, boom, grinded on.

Again, I was quite impressed. Actually jealous because I can never do that shit! 

Though, their big downfall is that the girl always comes back...


You see, sometimes, when you are THAT attractive, you gotta share. You can't hoard all the girls, that would just be mean. So I release some back into the pond every now and then. You see? I do all this for you!

So it isn't all roses and buttery flies. Or, whatever the fucking saying is.

But, we can all learn a lesson or two from our bros. Fearlessness plus attractiveness, equals angelic choir of booty. Fearlessness alone won't getcha far, but, it opens doors, many doors. And if you do it right.

Panties too.

Them players got the mindset down, though. If you attempt to fuck every girl at the club, at least one, will drop her panties for you.

If you are like me and only put effort into one or two girls, then, quit when you reel in nothing. You ain't getting shit, ever.

Which goes right back to my previous post about why clubs are one of the worst places, to get laid.

You need insane aggression, game and looks. If you are lacking in any, you got shit.

I have a good friend, Reverend Stud. I had always assumed my bro to be seriously lacking in the ladies department. Like, I probably look like Casanova, compared to this guy.

Then, we went clubbing... And oh my God. Blew me out of the water. Like, stand back Leo, let me show you how to get bitches. Then, I got tossed the least attractive girl, out of pity.



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