Emerald Queen Casino Sucks

Yes, you saw the title.

The Emerald Queen Casino, sucks!

I've never been anywhere, that, treats any new, clean-cut and law-abiding customer, this bad.

Sure, maybe. Sometimes... I do deserve it. But, not this time! I was actually good. I swear.

Located at:
2102 E Alexander Ave 
Tacoma, WA 98421-4016
+1 888-831-7655

First impressions mean, a lot.

Emerald Queen...
This was my first time visiting the E.Q.C. Decided to book a room and see how the hotel side was like.

Going down to the casino, is a little like -- walking into a prison. 

I get it, it is Tacoma.

Everyone says, it's the ghetto of Washington. But, come on... it's not that shitty. You might hear gunshots, here or there. Maybe even, a few wanna-be gangsters blasting their sound systems for everyone to hear, whether you like it or not. But, it's not like people be dying, out here.

Maybe like, once.

Still, what is up with security EVERYWHERE. How can you enjoy yourself, when, around every corner... there is a whole fucking S.W.A.T. team, watching your every move. 

Which, speaks a lot about the crowd.



So I rented a room, for the night. It wasn't cheap, so, I expected to be pleasantly surprised. I WAS surprised. Surprised at how cheap looking everything was. 

Okay, so that was a dud. Simple mistake. No big deal right? Just boom boom in the room, steal some shit and leave. Whatever.

My girl and I woke up to a phone call, it was the front desk,

"If you do not leave the room immediately, we will call security."

Uhh, wow. Thank you for the wake up call. BITCH!

It had only been 5 minutes, past check-out.


Now, outside the shitty hotel and in the shitty casino area, again. I tried to find my way out. This security guard, who, looked like a Rick Ross wanna-be. Acted like I was going to suicide bomb the place. Told me, I couldn't walk around with a backpack and began freaking out.


As I walked away, Bigzzz, radioed ahead to the other goons to look out for me. Probably... just making sure I don't slap all those druggies, with the dirty underwear in my backpack.

I get it.

Bigzzz, I understand you. Let me buy your fat ass some cheeseburgers or something.


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