Getting Girls Wet

Nothing screams, "damn, you're a stud" more, than reaching into a girl's panties and...

Feeling that she's all wet.


Is that your wetness, dripping from the ceiling? You got me in the eye.

For you and I, there isn't much subtlety​ with the BUSINESS.

But them ladies got it down.

After hearing many confessions, from various girls. I've come to the conclusion, that, I still know nothing about women. Because I had no idea. None!

Like this chick, which... Oh and I learned that redheads are horny as fuck.


So, this chick was reminiscing about the one time I was helping her at work. How, while I was muscling some shit she was working on, into place. Being all sexy and shit. She was getting so wet, she was spotting the chair.

I remember that time.

I also remember, looking at the expression on her face and thinking...

Ugh, what a lazy and unappreciative bitch. I'm just gonna do this and avoid her the rest of the day.

Little did I know, that bitchy look was the look of, a horny bitch.

Girls are pretty good at putting on that poker face. I guess, I could too. Maybe I will practice secretly pissing myself, while talking to someone. Or something.

I already get uncomfortable when Lil Leo, wants to come out and play at the wrong time. I have no idea how girls handle it, so well.


What's even more fun, is when, you are actively and consciously contributing to that mysterious phenomenon.

Say you and a girl, just started getting a little frisky. Things are as dry as my sense of humor, down there.

After some magic and messing around.

Whoa, did you slap some lube down there, when I wasn't looking?

Better put down a tarp and form a line, carrying sandbags. You're gonna melt away the foundation!

Now that! Is what I call, fun.


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