Jack In The Box Girl

My daily ritual: wake up, take a shit, take a shot, go to work, buy shitty food from any place still open, eat, sleep, rave, repeat.

One of the places I frequent most, is, Jack In The Box.

Cause it's close to my house.

But, REALLY, it's cause there is usually a cute Mexican chick, working the drive-thru.

And I'm desperate.

Not just desperate, but, very desperate.

So, one day. I met this cute, little thang. Crystal. 

I'm not even gonna bother coming up with a secret identity for her, cause, bitch is the biggest hoe, this side of the fucking universe.

I'm sure more people have seen her pussy, than, entire populations of some towns.

But, I didn't know... Not yet.

I just go there, get my shit, stare at her ass. Then, go home and continue my sad existence.

Eventually, we had seen each other enough, to where, a beautiful spark had developed. She gave me her number. Acting all shy and nervous.

Aww, how cute. OMGGG

I mean, it was expected. Didn't even need to try.

After a while she started giving me free shit and extra shit, with my shit.

Not bad.

I was feeling generous, one night. I decided to get that fat ass some tacos and bring it to her work. She got in my car, I gave her some tongue action.

Satisfied, I gave her the tacos.

Then, it came...

She start asking for money.

Of course, any bro, worth his salts. Know you don't owe any girl, shit. Unless, she spreading that pussy.

I said no, but, for some reason. I changed my mind.

Maybe, it was her not bitching about me saying no, that got me. Or she played her shit, very well. Or, I got pussy on the mind.

I must have had a moment of weakness, or, I caught a case of "I'm a dumb-fuck", without realizing it.

...I got a text

"Oh, I'mma be your girlfriend. Cook you breakfast every morning and have bomb ass sex all night."

Sounded pretty good! I was seeing stars.

I rationalized it, as, her owing me. So, I let her barrow a little cash. We can fuck later.

All good? No. Bitch disappeared after taking my hundred.

I got fucking played!

Walked right into it.

She stopped texting me back, claimed a stalker was blowing her shit up and... Got a new number.

Game over.

End of part one.


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