Sugar Hill

Ah yes, a favorite hang out spot of the famous Lil Blue.

Located at:

As usual, it is mostly Asian and black.


Black and yellow.

The girls are better than average. Like any club, you got good nights, uhh WTF nights and "holy shit, I must be in heaven" nights.

Remember that story, with Les Viet? Yes, those are the girls I'm talking about. Fine-ass, Asian ladies with beach blonde hair.

Can't complain too much.

As for everyone else, I'd say, it's a pretty clean crowd.

Never seen a fight break out or overly sketch individuals in my presence. It's probably so, cause, where ever I go, I bring a certain aura that just transforms the crowd.

Its tough being this beautiful. But someone has to do it.

The club is very small, even more so, when it's busy.

Waiting in line can take forever, if you arrive at the wrong time. It's a small building AND very popular. Once they've hit their population limit, you need to wait for people to leave, before you can enter.

Just like my girlfriend.

Once you've trekked the barren wasteland of pavement and drunks. You will need to pay a $5 cover.

Now the party can start, look around, you will see a small room and a set of stairs. The party is upstairs.

Go up those stairs!

The biggest dance floor is up here and when it's packed, its packed! As in, you can't even elbow your way through.

There is a bar on both floors and the bathroom is sadly, on the bottom floor. So, if you managed to sneak in, then, up the stairs. You will need to head back down to use the bathroom, but make sure no one sees that you are wristband-less or you are stuck down there... Forever.

The music is your general hip-hop/EDM. With boring slow shit thrown in to piss you off.

Clean for a club bathroom.

Pretty fancy looking, both genders wait in the same general hallway. Similar to how Q Nightclub does their setup.

If I remember correctly, my memory is still a little hazy because I'm always drunk as fuck. But, as I can recall, it is similar to bathrooms, you can find at Joey's.


The Most Popular:

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Asian/White Couples

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