Why Are People So Annoying?

I am 26, as of, now.

I can't be old. No, I refuse.

But BTW, can you stop using your hip, young lingo. And get off my lawn. Damn kids.

So, I went out for a beer last night, after work. Alone.

There were some girls, sitting across from me. They seem to be about my age or younger.

Holy shit.

Were they fucking annoying.

I mean, I had to chug my beer. Just so, I can tune out their voices, I could not get drunk fast enough. The high pitched screeches pierced my tired soul. It was, a very trying moment.

The waitress, also, took fucking FOREVER to give me that first beer. How hard is it to walk up, pull the thingy that says "BEER", fill my shit and walk that ass over to my damn table.

You want me, to put on a thong and get my own beer? I can do that.

So, the ladies were talking about the dumbest shit, I have ever... Ever... Heard... Come from someone's mouth.

I don't even want to remember the shit they were saying, just know, it was mind numbing. All I dare to remember, is...

"OH MAH GAWD... blah blah blah."


"Like OH MAH GAWD, Leo is my homeboy, Ommmgggg!!! Leo do anything for me, blah blah blah."

"U BIATCH, no I'm not a biyatch, you der beetch."


Especially you, the loud-ass Asian girl, trying to be white. Shut your fucking delusional, stupid ass up! I'd rather eat my hat than hear your voice again.

And you, the fat bitch, who, thinks she is funny. Just cause there is one Asian person at your table, doesn't mean it's okay to start calling people CHINK. You racist, scale smashing, flappy vagina-ed bitch. Don't make me slap your fat pussy. I'd do it. And like it.

To the old farts, trying to score some Chinese pussy. And one, big enough to park your Hummer. Stop trying to cheat on your wives and go home. You're all old as fuck, stop saying you're lit. Go home and change your colostomy bag, cause you're full of shit.


I'mma have a fucking stroke, shit my pants and choke on this beer, all at the same fucking time.

I find it strange, how, girls always complain about the bros acting like idiots. But, here we are. I don't know what is worse, dumb bitches or dumb asses.

These shriveled, old asses. Trying to fit in with these girls. Acting just as stupid.

Have some pride in yourself. Damn losers.

And where is that damn waitress! Where is my fucking beer bitch!?


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