Why Hating Yourself Is Good

Nowadays, society is raising us to be okay with mediocre.

Accept that you and many others, are losers.

That it's okay, to not be the best you can be.

Uhh, no its not.

You know what happens to people like that? In ancient times, they'd be what's fertilizing your grass.

In current times, they're the one abusing and refusing to get off government benefits, the benefits, which, we work hard to pay for.

For those who are, truly, in NEED.

Not too lazy to work.

So, how does hating yourself fit into all this? When I say hate, it's not a dislike. Rather, more of a strong motivation,

...For change.

...For betterment.

...For self improvement.

I've been bullied, not accepted, looked down upon, spat on, kicked out, things people would protest against...

And I felt like shit.

I remember being horribly addicted to video games, because, it was my only escape. An escape, for my horribly shit life. Only for a few hours at a time. It was the only place, where, I was a success. Where I could be strong... A winner.

I was also sure, no one would miss me, even if I were to... disappear.

But I didn't.

Looking back, I almost can't believe who I was and who I've became.

It took me a long time to change because I didn't hate myself, I made excuses and blamed everyone, but, myself. I adopted mediocre, instead of clawing my way out. I sat in my ditch and savored the shit.

So, I finally jumped the fence.

So let me tell your lazy, compliant, pathetic ass, something.

You have what it takes to be, who you want to be. We all do.

That's fo sho.

Some people need to dig harder, but, you have what it takes to transform yourself. Turn a complete 180. It's possible.

I know, for a fact.

You need to hate yourself,

...Use that hatred as the energy, which, fuels your exercise.

...Never be satisfied with your career. Always set your eyes on the next step.

...Always improve your confidence, you are never confident enough.

...Be hungry.

It will be one of the hardest things you will, ever do.

One step and one problem, at a time.

You have what it takes, even if no one believes in you. Believe in yourself.

I believe.


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