Buying Girls Presents

This is a good one.

Now, I ain't talking, buying your mom a cute, little present. Or getting some trinket, for your girlfriend.

What REALLY, shivers my fucking timbers is this:

Buying random bitches, $600+ Movado watches and even more expensive shit. The kicker is, she isn't even your girl! Probably, not even dropping those panties, on command, either!

Probably fucked a few times, but, come on...

No bitch is worth $600.

...YOU are worth as much, as you want.

...Maybe your wife.

...A big maybe, for a girlfriend.

Here is the situation. Our friend, Blonde Bun. Is trying to woo some hoe, she isn't even that hot, either. Extra gross.

1. Overweight.
2. Lazy.
3. Never follows through on anything she says.

I don't understand how, this, is attractive. So, all this shit exchanged hands. Is she, Blonde Bun's girl, yet? NOPE. She still out there, doing her thing. Talking to whoever, doesn't give a fuck.

You know what happened here?

I do.

It is a simple case of, "I don't really like you" and "I love you, I will give you anything". You see... You never want to be the latter. Read the former again, carefully. I don't REALLY like you.

That means...

The Bitch (could be either gender, I am very pro-equality), lacks the necessary, functional attributes to REALLY like you, AKA Specimen A.

But The Bitch likes Specimen A, just enough, and will do JUST enough, to keep the free shit flowing.

That is, until Specimen B comes along. The total opposite of Specimen A. Spec. B, does not... give... a... fuck... about The Bitch. She does not get a dime from Spec. B and,

...When she asked, if she looks fat.

...Spec. B, said yes.

You see, The Bitch, will start to wonder what is wrong.

Here, we have Spec. A, putting her on a pedestal and giving her whatever she wants. She owns, Spec. A. Has that shit, in her pocket. There is no need, for her to look good or really do anything.

Then, there's this person. Treats her like she is nothing special.

...Eventually, she will wonder why.

...She will want to prove herself.

Make Spec. B just like Spec. A. When Spec. B finally decides to deliver some lovin, straight in that Mexican pussy. She feels, rewarded. Because, she worked for it.

Then, blah blah blah bullshit, whatever.

Point is, you don't need to give anything, to those bitches. If she ain't putting out, kick the bitch out.

The only gift she needs, is a good FUCKING.

This reminded me of The Redhead, last Christmas. She wanted a present. Nothing special, just a little of that VITAMIN D.

I told her... if she wanted, The Business. She needed to get me a room.

So she did.

Didn't even spend a dime, just showed up and FUCKED HER good. She was also in a relationship, at the time and I knew, oops..

I'm a douche.

But, I didn't ask for it. Just accepted. So, its not really my fault, right?

So there I was, giving this girl her Christmas present, right in that fire-vagina. It was the gift, that, keeps on giving.

For like 2 minutes, anyway.

And I didn't even stay the night.

Being the nice person, that I am, I bought her some alcohol and gave her like $50. She didn't want it, but, it's the least I could do. After all, I'm not THAT douche-y.

Again, don't fucking be like Blonde Bun. If you are, please, do yourself a favor and just cut your shit off.

Then, bury it.


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