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Lost In Seattle 2

Continued from, Part 1.

After waiting for what seemed like, a fucking eternity. Our talkative driver, fucking finally, made it back to the car.

Now... whether we get raped or not. This is it.

This is the moment.

Reggae Beanie, turned the key. The old and very silver (Honda) Civic, came to life...

I was bracing for the knock-out gas, ready to kick a door open. Maybe smash some windows with my BARE hands.

I'm so scared!

...Someone hold me!

Okay... what's going on!? We're moving.

I'm on to you... Beanie.

Don't think, I've let my guard down. I got my eye on YOU and your ridiculouslyoversized accessories.

I still wonder what is in that purse. Will a giant spider mosy out and say hello, by, biting me on the eyeball?

9 out of 10 doctors, would say yes.
I do not like spiders and I REALLY... do not... like the hippi-verse, that, Pacquiao happily got us into. I'm just going to perform a precautionary ass clench.

I hate you Pacquiao.
Beanie reached for the radio.…