Buying A Girl Drinks

Should you...

Buy a random girl drinks?

Let me put it way.

Unless she slobbin on some knob.

Bitch, please.

How about a cock on the rocks.

There's your sign. BITCHES!

Let me tell you this.

Coming from the mouth of a man, who, has wasted too much good alcohol on girls.

For nothing!
Unless you fucking some pussy that night and you want to loosen that shit up. Or that asshole... For a surprise fucking.

Don't waste your money.

There is so much more fun you could have had, with your hard-earned money. For example, you could be the one FUCKED UP. Or how about, buying drinks for the people who are there to enjoy YOU?

Not some random girl, who is going to disappear with some asshole. Like, two minutes after you just spent $20 (not including tip), on that Hennessy.

I have never, not even once, had a girl come home with me because I bought her drinks.

Sure, maybe you bought yourself a few minutes of chatter. Maybe a little feel here, and there. But, you wanted to fuck some pussy. Right? We all do. Why else would we be here? With these sluts and their tits spilling from their shirt.

As usual, something always gets in the way. Maybe her friends came to "save the day". Also known as, blocking the FUCK out of your pee-wee.

Or she can do it herself. After mooching a ride home, that is. 

It goes like this: 50 miles later... "Hug me."


That... really doesn't sound like, FUCK me. After spending a couple hundred on drinks, took her home, and all you got was a hug. Might as well hang a sign that says BITCH, around your neck.

Save everyone else some time. So they can get straight to the point, with fucking you over.

There are a thousand and one, excuses, for her to make. And if you put all your eggs, in that one basket. You WILL get pissed the fuck off.

And that's when mistakes happen.

Slapping that bitch, might make you feel a little better. Hey, you paid all that money. And now you need a little stress relief.

Might as well. 

Let me tell you this, girls will USE suckers like this.

Oh well...  Stop wasting your fucking money.

All the girls I have slept with, so far. I met without alcohol. Alcohol just made the sex we were already having, better. Something that was gonna happen, anyway.

Because, when I'm this FUCKING SEXY, how can a girl NOT sleep with me?

If you got game, you won't need to spent a dime to get laid. 

Go work on your game... And save that money. Throwing your money at ratchet-ass bitches, won't get you laid.

Actually, it will. Once you spend enough.

But... WHY?! Are you seriously going to spend $500+ to get laid for a night?

If you got coin to burn, get a hooker. Much more satisfying, less stress and WAY cheaper.


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