I Live With Idiots

Ever get a sneaking suspicion, that, you are surrounded by idiots?

Let me preface, by saying, you can help your hangers slide better. By getting some wax paper, then rubbing that shit on the rod thingy your clothes slide on.

On that note...

My roommates noticed that, my shower curtain wasn't sliding as it should.

Like the buttery smooth skin of an import model... Covered in baby oil... So, they tried to help me, by, slathering white tooth paste all over it.

Guys... Tooth paste does not = wax or lubricant.

I pulled it closed and every hook jumped off, on to my head.

And by the way, don't be fancy and get those metal half-hook thingys, like me.

 Just get the cheap plastic rings that snap shut... If you value your sanity.

Should I fucking choke them out, before or after, I clean all this shit off?

I mean, seriously. TOOTHPASTE!?

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE A SPECIAL LEVEL OF... You know what, I have no words left.

And these are people I live with. Don't even get me started, on the fact that, they cannot fucking clean up their OWN piss. It's like, hey, you took a piss and missed. CLEAN  your SHIT up. Its not that hard.

1. Grab some tissue, which is like 3 inches away.

2. Tear some of that shit off.

3. Bend over. I recommend a 45-90 degree angle.


But apparently, even step one is too difficult. So they rather leave it for me. Next time you take a shit, don't bother wipe, just hit me up. I will come do it for you too.

God help us all.


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