The 10-Minute Orgasm

This is gonna be dangerous.

We, the XY chromosomes of the world. Make a stand today!

For centuries, The Lesbians have had the upper hand. Their butch-ass, carpet munching, fake apparatuses of love using, hairless-bitch-asses... Assy... Ass... Asses.

Will be no more!
Walking around, chest (tits?) out. Like, what? You got more hair than me?
Go fuck yourself with your purple strap-on. Bitch. I got one built in. And it's still bigger than your fake shit.

Today! We are gonna start pleasing our women. And it's gonna be fucking WET.

Lets take all the pretty lesbians back and turn them straight. 

Because, why have a fake one. 

When you can get the REAL FUCKING THANG, BABY.



This method, is tested and approved. On and by actual women (aged 21-45).

4.7 out of 7 women, ages 25+, approves of the 10-Minute Orgasm.

Let's go.

First, warm her up. You already know how.

Lay down and get comfortable, cause you in it. TO WIN IT.

The Method:
The method is simple, once she is wet. Get some of her juicy, juices and wet her clit.

Put your entire hand on her vagina.

Then using your middle finger, you want to lightly tickle her clit. It's just ONE motion, sort of a "come here", using the middle finger.

Do it until she cums.

And that's it!

Now, for the parts with strings attached.

As you know, anything involving a girl or her pussy, has to be unnecessarily difficult. Nothing can ever be easy or straight forward, with a girl.

Otherwise, the world will fucking implode on itself.

The Chick Flick:
Some girls like the flicking motion to be super light or hella heavy. It might even switch, out of the blue. She could be enjoying what you did 2 seconds ago... but not anymore.

Where To Do It:
When a girl gets horny, her clit gets hard.

Feels a little like... your earlobes.

I'm in my 20's, so my earlobes are still firm and a little hard.


But, in order to really know, you got to pick a spot on the clit then see. 

Slowly move around her clit until you find THE spot. You might hear her moan a little louder, feel her shake a bit and/or see her arch.

Pretend like you are looking at a compass, with her clit in the center. You've been playing center field for quite some time and you still don't hear/see progress... try under the clit

Get a little closer to her vagina (AKA The Hole). 

Try the left or right

Maybe a little further north.

Once you've hit THE SPOT, stay there. 

Keep the pressure and speed the same. Exactly the same.

Now... If you suddenly, feel her pussy getting extra wet, maybe even a little gush... Of love... Due to that STALLION-LOVE-MACHINE-OF-DEATH in her vagina.

Oh wait.

Sorry, I got a little ahead of myself. I was a little.... Premature. There is currently, nothing residing inside the Temple of Doom... Yet.

So, if you see any of the conditions mentioned in the above sentence.

You've hit the right buttons. You are now, REALLY close. Hang in there, just a few more minutes. You're above to enjoy some satisfyingly-satisfying-satisfaction.

Well.. Not YOU, but you get the idea.

Panic Situations:
Nothing you're doing is working, you feel like you are trying to finger fuck, a decomposing body.



Don't panic and go faster, harder or jump all over the place.

If she pulls you away, to do something else. Game over.

Hope your tongue action is on point.

There are guides, such as this.

So your still in the pubic forest, just a little lost.

Be slow and take your time. Find a few minutes to kiss, feel around her sexy-ass body and show some love for her tits. 

All while, playing with that pussy. Remember... This isn't a race.

Stall, while you figure out your next move.

Let's Be Real Though:
Once you've overcome the, "I'm gonna bust in two-seconds" part of your life.

It's actually EASIER to give a girl, an orgasm. Than the reverse.

But, how do you overcome that phase...? Have sex until, you aren't as sensitive to it anymore.

What I'm trying to say is, you CAN give her a vaginal nuclear-explosion. 

With a little practice, guidance and some patience.

You CANNOT fuck up

So... Go! Rekindle the flame of our hard (very hard) love-machine. 

And fucking torch everything in our way.


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