Protesting The Anthem

Everyone has their opinions. From your mom, to the dog.

Protesting the national anthem.

Now, I might not, look like a redneck. And I might be a little late to the party. But...

I enjoy drinking a shitty beer. While, proudly proclaiming, MURICA! Just as much, as anyone out there. Maybe more.

But, this football controversy, bullshit...

Has got to stop.

Look at all the hipsters and progressive assholes with their...

"OMG, they are so brave to stand up, for what they believe in.."

I don't care for those assholes, or their opinions.

...I paid to watch FOOTBALL, not Fox News.

...Your rich ass ain't discriminated against. I'm the one, living in the fucking ghetto.

What the fuck you think is gonna happen, after you TAKE A SEAT for a minute or two.

I will tell you... people will go on Facebook. Proclaim how the world is so unjust to all their friends, LIKE some posts and maybe SHARE a page or two.

Then, GO BACK TO FUCKING PORNHUB. And forget, anything ever happened.

Why don't these players, with the millions. Go and do some, ACTUAL work. Make it rain at some schools, teach the asshole kids some manners. So, they don't grow up to be even bigger ASSHOLES.

Or, I don't know...

Buy Hennessy for everyone, so they all get too fucked up to complain, fuss or bitch. 

What's that?

You're still upset about some stupid bullshit? Here. Have another shot.

Solving the world's problems, one bottle at a time. 

Next up, world hunger.


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