The Pansy-Ass Millennial

Is it just me, or is the world dominated by effeminate, spineless, fucking pansies.

I was reading an article about Wonder Woman.

I like Wonder Woman.

...She is sexy.

...And strong

Now this "thing" started talking about products, which, used W.W. as an advertising piece. Not a bad thing. Super heroes are all over, random shit.

Then, they started going on about some bullshit.

Check this out.

"Wonder Woman became the new face of thinkThin protein bars. Because that's her superpower, right? She's Wonder Woman because she's miraculously always ready for bikini season?"

Okay? Well, you can't exactly... fight crime if you weigh 300 pounds, and weak as fuck.

I must have missed a big memo. Maybe now, it's better to fight crime, by sitting on it. To really put that weight to good use.

"But with thinkThin, the message became: "Wonder Woman is a celebration of the power of women in a male-dominated world! But no fat chicks.""


"Getting superhero-style muscles is a male fantasy ... and having every woman constantly worry about staying thin is also a male fantasy."

So this is someone, who obviously prefers to be bent over, on the weekends. Lets talk a little about the author, of this verbal diarrhea: probably 20-something, white, and a very passionate feminist. 

No need to say more.

I get that.

That's cool.


Fitness is a virtue, health is a blessing. Isn't it?

So WHAT if a protein bar, decided to use W.W. as their mascot? Would you still be pissed if they put my face on there?

What about all the fat bros, out there?

Is it only "demeaning", if it's geared towards women?

Fucking hipster. 

Jumping to defend the honor of one group, completely fuck over the other.

Guys, get held up to the same, unreal standards. All day. Everyday.

I need to be cut, muscled up like a suit of Roman armor and tall.

All these femi-nazis... err... feminists are missing a big part of the picture. They are seeing only half of the problem.

The struggle is real, FOR EVERYONE.

It's simple really.

Look at all the dude-buns, Star Wars freaks and hateful lesbians, in charge now. They're your boss, manager, OUR politicians.

All the losers (with PAPER thin and over-analytical skin) are now in charge. And they want to make their stand. Be the preferred, ideal representation of our average person.

Hard work and pain for them gains, is too much. These lazy fucks can't do it. So how do you be sexy, without actually being sexy?

Shame on everything, and blame everyone. For creating unreal standards.

Except, the fat fuck standard.


Try explaining anything logical to those "I wear Goodwill, but these actually cost $700" shit bags. And you will know what I mean. They are just hipsters.

Not really much more we can say about that.


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