Your Sensitivity

I'm gonna start off with, a story.

It's Mini Pacquiao, once again.

Remember the time, I was talking about Pacquiao, without actually talking about Pacquiao?


This time, we are at Q Nightclub. Waiting in line. The usual.

Our night started, with a text.

"Yo, Leo. My cousin is DJ-ing tonight, at Q. Wanna go!? He can get us straight in those doors, no line for us."


"Yeah bro!"

Don't need to tell ME twice, leggo!

So here I am, waiting in line. Wondering why I am in line, when we had a "hookup."

So I ask Pacquiao,

Dude... I thought you said your cousin was gonna get us in, why are we waiting in line.

...Suddenly, bro got mad.

Like legit.



Hey, what's your problem, man? I just asked you a simple question.


What the hell you talking about?

"You just sounded so stuck-up, and it made me feel SO mad."

Okay, I'm sorry?

I was just thinking, the whole time,

"This is for sure... The last time we are gonna hang. And am I really, gonna be stuck with this little bitch all night?"

I wasn't even trying to sound stuck up, I just asked a simple question. But got bitched out, by an oversized sack of hormones.

And to end this story off, on a good note (not really). Pacquiao's girl left for good, not long after.

How does this relate to our sensitivity.

As a grown ass, adult. With sufficiently sized, working twigs and berries.

You don't need to bitch about things not worth bitching about.

STOP bitching. Or you are gonna end up alone. Forever. And ever. And ever.

It's one thing to get mad, when someone directly attacks you.

Okay, I get that.

But it's a whole different level of crazy, when you take everything you hear, analyze the shit out of it trying to find meaning or offense.

It's like, someone said you look "just okay".

Normal people will hear that and come to the conclusion, they must look a little sloppy today. Or, someone is just full of shit.

Oh well.

And continue with life.

SOME people, will wayyy overthink this simple comment.

Like this...

"They are calling me fucking ugly, I'm so mad! Or maybe, they are trying to say I look good. But then, why would they use the word, okay."

Lets analyze...

"Okay" isn't the same as "good" or "beautiful", "okay" is just, okay. Hmmm... Hmm... Hm... So maybe, they are trying to say that I'm ugly, without the actual word, ugly. I feel so self conscious!"

Stop thinking so much, fucking shit.

Sometimes being criticized, is the best thing to happen to you.

Someone told me, that my website sucked. Instead of being mad, I asked, why. And what could I do to improve.

Turns out, they were right!

Take criticism in stride and listen, then decide later, if they are full of shit or not. Don't obsess over what people say, and don't stress yourself out over what people think.

Don't give a fuck.

Of course, you should be able to recognize when you are being made fun of. And respond in a way, that makes you look good. Without stooping, to that level.

TAKE the criticism and look at it as suggestions.

Are you gonna click on everything, that Google suggests you check out? No.


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