As Someone Who Identifies As

In order to not offend anyone, but I will anyway.

I will use the term gag, to identify the billions of sexual orientations, floating around.

So here we are in 2018.

Whenever something controversial pops up, we have these individuals. These gags, who like to speak up on their opinions, by first stating...

"As a gag, I find that..."

Then proceed to go on about why a movie (or whatever bullshit), does not represent the ideal gag. That likes it up the ass, then the mouth. Or sometimes, they can switch it up. By having it in the mouth FIRST, then the ass.

You see, since when is your sexual whatever, a badge of honor?

If that's the case,

I ENJOY FUCKING ANIMALS... Like literally.

So as an individual, who likes to fuck your dog. My opinion, is of a higher class than yours.

Cause you're straight, and like humans.

What if that dog, consented to my fuck of death.

Or we have option two...

As a pedophile, I am also quite ashamed of my people's representation, in the movie. And there is a serious lack, of little girls. My opinion, should means more than everyone else's. Because people like me, have been unfairly prosecuted all these years.

What if, that little kid and I, love each other. And we agreed to a relationship together. Just like you.

Then, what's the issue?

I'm having a legit relationship, just like you and anyone else.

But this post isn't about that. What I'm really questioning is this.

So now, it's not good enough to be smart, a good person, a doctor, or a God himself?

It's a crazy that these people, who just like to get fucked in the ass or munch on each other's carpet, are out there. Screaming away... And everyone is nodding in agreement.


Anyone with an unconventional relationship.

Is love, not considered love for certain people? Why can you not discriminate on people's preferred gender, but YOU CAN discriminate based on age, whether it's human, an object, or whatever the fuck it is?

When you put everything into perspective.

It'd make more sense, to just have a shot.

Then say, fuck it.


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