Being Offended

You WILLINGLY chose to live, in America.

Isn't that right?

Why is everyone so offended!? 

About fucking everything...

Aren't those qualities, both, the good and the bad. The reason we're all here?

Y'all just need to...


Buy yourself a bottle of hen and go have some wild-donkey sex. Then, maybe... you won't be so damn grumpy.

Un-knot those panties, clean out the sand. Cause, it's fuckin time!

In fact, if any of you protest-girls, ever need a little lovin... I have some to spare.

So, be grateful.

This place has many flaws, but I'd never live anywhere else.

Alcohol is expensive and the bitches are stuck up. We don't need anymore shit, to fight about... Go take your bullshit butt-hurt and shovel it... Back up your ass.

And clean the shovel, when you're done.

Don't destroy what makes America, America.

So I joined a local neighborhood watch group, populated by a bunch of old white folks. Who probably has never used a smart phone, or Facebook, ever.

Someone posted that, they their shit broken into and a bunch of shit stolen.

Obviously, we all know it was the friendly neighborhood, tweaker. I made a general comment about the tweaked out piece of shit.

And I got BOMBARDED with:


"You don't know these people's struggle!"

"You are so narrow-minded. You need help."

What the fuck?

Since when, are YOU the bad guy, for being the victim. And blaming the criminal, for being a piece of shit CRIMINAL, is wrong?

Am I supposed to let these shitty wastes of life, come take what I worked for and be happy about it?

Should I go hug a tree, when I get my windows smashed and wallet stolen?

Typical Seattle fags, they belong in a Walmart. Check my receipt and shut the fuck up. And go clean the mess I just made in the bathroom.

Can't control my bowels. 

But not my problem.

If they feel so bad for these criminals, why don't they go and give them, all their shit.

Am I right?

You obviously don't care too much for material possessions, if you are giving people grief for being upset. About being FUCKING robbed.

Stupid fucks. 


You can't win against retards, anyway.

Cause no matter what you say, you get the same response.

"Like OMG, you are like, so mean. You are so seriously like, an idiot."


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