Advice From A Wanna-Be

Unqualified people giving out advice, that they read online.

Like, its something they've already mastered.

Don't listen to WANNA-BES!

People just want to sound smart, even when they know, they got shit.

This person, I know... They are in no way, shape or form. Qualified, to be giving out any advice about lifting.

Look at your ass, you don't got shit and you are TEACHING someone?.

I mean, if you are dumb enough to take advice from someone like that.

I guess you deserve it.

Like going to the gym, and your personal trainer is smaller than you are. Doesn't that seem a  little, off?

If their advice is SO good, then obviously, they aren't taking it.

It is a simple fact of life, you'd listen to advice about money, from a millionaire. Right? Not a struggling, poor-as-fuck writer like me.


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