Asian Girls Not Dating Asians

There are these Asian girls, you know the type:

...Blond hair (or blond highlights).

...Usually (but lets be real...ALWAYS) fake tits.

...An Instagram model.

...Motivated and driven.

Blah blah blah, deserving of the best in life, for doing nothing. These girls be saying, they are too good to date someone of their OWN RACE.

Can you believe that?

I thought I was a douche.

But damn...

Let me tell you a story.

I was heading home from the club with my girl, one night. I stopped at a gas station, walked in and saw an Asian girl.

She saw me... And immediately shot the "Caucasians-only" smug.

Then she walked out with her date.

That's cool. You do that.

I paid, filled my tank, and got in the car.

Drove around the corner and saw my two friends on the corner.

Their car had broken down and they're sitting on the curb.

As I drove by, I flashed them a quick smile. From the comfort... Of my Lexus! I mean, I'm not trying to really brag. But, YES I AM.

Sorry baby, I'd give you a ride but I ain't good enough for you.

Plus, I'm taken.

That right there, is some feel good. If I know anyway.

So what's up?

What could possibly implant the idea, that they are better than anyone? Sluts, with a craving for attention.

You look exactly like any cookie-cutter, Asian hoe.

1. Blond hair.

2. Dark makeup.

2.5. Dresses slutty... I mean... Stylish/unique.

3. Install fake tits, or push your deflated shit up to your nose.

Boom! Hot and beautiful. You, and like a million other girls..

Can't y'all like, do something else? I mean, there has to be more than one way to say, I'm a slut.

How come, it is ALWAYS that combination.

My friend, had a hypothesis. And it might be true.

These girls were probably, once dumped, by someone like me. Had their hearts shattered. So now, they swear off dating Asians. Forever.

Hmm... Makes sense.

For me, I love all girls. I don't give a fuck.

You can be any color you want.

Here we are, in the age of wisdom. And there are girls out there, demanding this or that from me. Demanding I treat bitches, as equals

It's 2018, and they can still be racist as fuck. If I went out there, and proclaimed to the world,

I do not date black women, I am too good for that chocolate.

I'd be stripped naked, and lit on fire.

Not the good lit, either.


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