Creating The Douche Bag

I always get calls from bitches, who like to complain, about all the stupid shit they've done and how it makes them.

Oh, so sad...

Fucking PATHETIC. And I'm talking about ME.

I try to be nice wherever I can, okay. I listen and offer genuine, heart-to-heart, advice.

She proceeds to say yes, to everything. Then do fucking shit, or make the same mistake again and again.

Then call, and cry.

Y'all cannot be this stupid.

But the worst is when I try to help, then every suggestion is met with a NO. So I ask, what are you going to do to fix your fucking problems then? And she tells me,


She is just going to continue being her old self, and not do a fucking thing.

FUCK, if I could reach through my phone and slap the fuck out of you!

So you spend an hour complaining, how you are fat and all this shit. Then tell me, you are basically gonna sit there, and hope for the best.

And people wonder why nice guys turn into douche bags.

People aren't born assholes. They are made.

And she made plenty.

Girls, complain about this and that. How everyone is so heartless and uncaring.

Well... Try caring, when you hear shit like that.


That girl?

...Complains about how, all people do is use her for sex.

...No one really cares about her.

...And taxes are too high.

NOBODY has an endless supply of patience, or understanding. If you want people to care for you, then start... By caring for yourself.

Don't be dead weight.

...Unless you are worth it.

...In every way, imaginable.

No one, will willingly choose to carry that weight for you.

Its harsh, but true.

If you have that much crazy, most you will get is just enough TLC, for you to open your legs. Then its, goodbye.


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