How Can You Be THIS Broke

How in the hell? How are you this broke?

...You're like, 105 years old.

...You've worked for the same company, 30 years.

No money?


It makes zero sense, unless, you've been deliberately buying into every scam. Since the 1980's.

"Give me, one-thousand Beanie-Babies."

I get it, living for the present. But, come on...

"Housing is never going to crash!" - Year 2009

Isn't there a point where, you look at all your fuck ups, and say... That's enough? I'm done making it rain on gold-diggers. I'm done buying new Kirby vacuums, from every person that knocks on that door.

I see people at my work, who are essentially, never retiring. Be right there, along side me. Until they die.

That's it. Work... Die.

You are 70, making maximum pay, and still living paycheck to paycheck.

Come on, old people.

I know having fun now, is always fun.

But wouldn't it be better to die, rich? Or die of a heart attack, while three "high-class" hookers are slobbing on your old, wrinkly-ass knob?

Well, you can. Just save money.

...Don't buy a new car, every other year.

...Don't upgrade your phone, every couple months.

...Stop doing so many drugs/drinking so much/smoking like a fucking chimney.

Spend frivolously, yet responsibly.


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