Planet Fitness: The Safe Space Gym

When you walk into a gym, you want to be motivated.

You want to look at yourself, and know.

You can do better. ARRGHHH!

Not at Planet Fitness...

The biggest positive thing I can say about PF? It's clean and smells nice. For a gym.

Now that... That's over. Lets go into what it is REALLY like:

1. If you like to grunt, it ain't the place for you. They ring a fucking alarm, every time someone does.

2. No dropping weights. Or alarm.

3. I got yelled at for carrying my gym bag. So no carrying around gym bags.

4. You cannot wear tank tops, that are too sexy.

5. You can have a piece of candy, waiting for you at the counter, when you check-in.

6. They have PIZZA NIGHTS... At a fucking gym.

You see, this gym isn't for regular people. It is for people, who want to say they workout, but don't actually WORK out.

PF caters to those who get intimidated by muscles, and are too scared to stand up straight. Those who'd rather go home and watch Star Trek, play video games, or watch the Hipster Channel.

I was 119, and 5'7. I weighed less than most girls.

Shit, I was smaller than most girls. And yes, THAT.

I got my ass in there, and jumped right in with those muscle heads.

You see, if you go to a gym and bullshit. People are gonna talk. They WILL notice. Then that's when insults start flying.

But if you go, and put in effort. Mind your own business and focus on yourself.

I promise you, NO ONE will say a word about you.

Because everyone, was once, YOU. Everyone respects that skinny, sack of bones, who is putting in that work.

...Because... That was where, we all started.

No one ever made fun of me. Not ONCE.

I went to the gym wearing a hoodie, paired with sweat pants. Cause I was too embarrassed to show the world, how skinny I am.

Even in the opposite scenario, when my friends and I are at the gym, and we see a 300 pound person, working their ass off.

There is nothing but respect.

No one talks shit about that hero, because they are working way harder than any of us.

If they were instead, on the phone and fucked around for an hour. It's a whole different story.

THAT is who PF caters to.

I understand some of the rules, though. Douche-bags at the gym, no one likes them. But not everyone is a douche. So those rules, they simply keep out the people, with the gains.

You can see an even clearer picture, when you look at their setup.

No benches, and the dumbbells max out at 75... Even I, can use the maximum weight on the rack.

So when you are surrounded by failure and weakness, what is your motivation? They simply reinforce each other's bad behavior.

That is not, what a gym is about.

You want to go there motivated, and BE motivated by what you see. In life, there will be pain. It will hurt. You will hate it.

You will hurt, emotionally and physically. Even sexually...

Be hard headed (not that head). Dive right back in. Don't stop until you FUCKING get it. Steamroll everything in your way, zone in on your ultimate goal. Know what you need to do, and do it.


And you know what?

I thought I was the only one, who, hated Planet Fitness. But so do these guys! They get into even MORE detail. You can see them here and here.

PF, took over what used to be MY favorite gym: Fitness Evolution.

Fitness Evolution was cheap, cool and laid-back. All the good things, people like about PF for, minus the bullshit.

I miss you.


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