Is that something, that, happens to every girl?

Now, I must inform all you right now...

I'm hung like a fucking horse...

...on gorilla grade Viagra.

Like elephant tranquilizer, strength.

Except, for me...

It's all natural.

All 2 inches. Baby.

...Anyways, where was I. Ah, that's right... Vagina.

So, there we were. Fucking away, and then I hear it.


I pause...

Okay, focus Leo. Do not laugh. We gonna power through this.

I turn back on the jack hammer.

Pfft. Braapt. Brap.



Then she starts laughing too, and as she laughs, even more air is coming out that vagina.

So it's like,

Hahaha *fart* haha *fart* ha *fart*.

At this point, I'm basically dying. And I might as well wrap up, and go home. Cause there is no way I can keep going.

And not spray snot, from my hearty belly laugh.

That sound of excitement. The sound... Of vitality, and a well balanced diet.

Of course... EVERYONE knows, it is just air coming out. It's not a fart, NO BIG DEAL. It is just that, my 12-year-old self, cannot hear that and not laugh.

So, when I'm laughing. It is not at you. It's only cause, fart sounds are funny.

Cause I'm a FUCKING man.

Well, fuck ya next week. Byeee!


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