Recipe Of The Import Model

Is it just me... Or... Do all import models look EXACTLY the same?

Follow me to the kitchen, let Leo cook you up a treat.

Okay that didn't come out right. Or did it?

So, it is very easy to make yourself, an import model.

Go check Instagram, and see what the ALL have in common. I can wait.

... Doo, doo doo... doo... Dun... Dun... Dun...

Let me go grab a drink, really quick... Maybe a sandwich... No, I need a cheeseburger.

Done yet?

Too lazy to look for better examples. But here.

Doesn't matter.

They basically all have the same "look", and method to the madness. To be an import model, all you need is:

1. A Big Box Of Slutty-Ness

I'm not saying, I'm the nicest person around.

But, you can't deny what you see.

You've got to look and act, like a slut. Is it an act? Or how they all, really are?

2. A Sprinkle Of Silicone 

 The minimum titty requirement, is a C.

In the school of Put-Yo-Titty-On-Hood-Of-Car-So-I-Can-Take-Picture, the worse you do, the better you do.

Almost all of these girls, have fake ones. And you can always tell.

3. A LOT Less Food 

 People aren't gonna like you, if you're overweight.

So, you got to be skinny.

4. A Gallon Of Ink

 They are usually all inked.

To be "unique".

Yah, sure. You and THE REST of them.

5. Huge Array Of Push-Up Bras

You've got to push them lady berries, up to your chin.

And in every color available.

6. The Attitude

All of them, got this attitude.

But, I guess it comes with the business. You are selling your body, but don't want any of the negative stigma.

Sure, you expect people to respect and appreciate you, for more than just your ass.

But you made that, into who you are... A piece of ass. Pop of titty. A piece of MEAT.

I can empathize, but I also don't.

It was your choice, to offer yourself as a toy, something to gawk at.

Don't go resenting someone, when they take what you offer.

7. Asian 

They are always Asian. Aren't they...


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