The Breaking Down Of America

I'm gonna talk about something, that might make you a little... Uncomfortable.

A little far, from your safe-space.

An article from Listverse.

This sums up everything WRONG with America, flawlessly. It a little T.L.D.R. But, just sit down and read it.

America is great, don't get me wrong.

It's the only place, I'd call home.

But, do you ever get a sneaking suspicion. A little voice, whispering in the back of your mind. That ALL THIS, all this shit going on. It is breaking down our walls, our foundation... Our home.
Let's speak about some of the issues:


Women are demanding, as fuck. You HAVE to be treated like a princess. NO EXCEPTIONS. She deserve EVERYTHING, life has to offer. Why? Just cause.


At the same time, they demand "equality".


And we always want something better. You and I, fuck other pussy. Even when there is a loving girl, right there.

Family and loyalty, is nonexistent.


It seems like, being a fag, is actually something people consider... Cool.


If you aren't gay, you are beta as fuck. So, same thing.


Being masculine, is no longer in fashion.


The police are now, demonized. Instead of being our hero's, they represent death, racism, and evil.


Liberals want to disarm everyone. And conservatives will fight to the death, for their guns.


At the same time, drugged up pieces of shits, are roaming all over. Breaking into your car, stealing shit, and buying up all the heroin. Generally, making life for the middle class, a living hell.

And you're helpless. Your hands, are legally tied. And the cops don't care, unless you're dead.


Nobody trusts the government. How can you? When everyday, you hear about how corrupted/shitty, those bald-spots in fancy suits are.


Companies are pushing their employees more, than ever. At the same time, prices for EVERYTHING, is going higher and higher. There will be a breaking point, and it will be with the consumer. Also known as, you and I.


Everyone, is hooked to their phones.


Everyone is also, hooked on some kind of drug.


Is there a reason for changing, what makes America, America? Just cause some immigrants came here, and got offended by FUCK knows what.

Try doing the same, in Iraq or China.

I'll wait.

Actually, I'd be waiting forever, cause you'd be dead.


If you question, any of this, you become a bigot. An un-accepting, discriminating, judgemental, meanie-head.



Life is starting to seem, rather pointless. Isn't it?

There are so many more, just basic every day things, that I see.

Not just what's been mentioned, so far. But I'm trying to avoid, sounding like a whiny bitch. Too late? Oh well.

This is America, 

...We have no self-control.

...We lost our way.

...Morals, mean nothing.

...Drugs and sex, are king.

...Religion is a lot less about worship, than it is, about MONEY.

...Land of the weak, and the sensitive. Don't even think, about fighting an actual war. Where, we are losing.

And also this... From Childish Gambino, I'm sure we all know.

FUCK ALL THIS, just give me a bottle of Henny. I'll be okay, after a couple shots.


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