The Monkey Girl

This is a kind of funny, random story.

On Halloween night, a couple years ago.

My co-worker and I, decided to hit the clubs, after work. After all, it was Halloween. So were we really, JUST gonna go home?


To the club!

The night was going pretty good, everybody was in costume. We weren't... But the consensus was to just fuck it. So you knew it was lit!

So I was dancing around, as usual. Scoping out for any hot girls, in my immediate vicinity.

I saw an Asian girl, in a monkey suit.

At the time, I remember looking at her and going... Monkey suit, eh? Meh, lazy-ass costume.

And here we were, in our work clothes! The stylish, casual attire monster.

Thinking back, it was actually pretty funny looking.

Out of the corner, of my eye. I spot a pretty hot Asian girl, squeezing between me and the monkey girl.

I quickly look, to see how big her tits were... But I missed it. Fuck.

The monkey girl, turned around and slapped HER on the ass. And turned back, pretending like nothing happened.


I remember having this thought, cross my mind.

I wonder if it looked like I was the one, that slapped her ass... Nah, who the fuck cares. Hoe probably enjoyed it, I think too much.

Then, I felt someone push me. Hard.

Ohoho, somebody wants to play.

I might be a little drunk (okay, maybe a lot drunk), but I'm always down to kick some ass. Who was the little mother fucker that pushed me! I spun around.

It was that girl... Oh... Guess I can't kick her ass. She was screaming something at me, and was in full bitch mode.

I knew what she was pissed about, I knew, before I even KNEW.

But I pretended like I didn't. I turned my back and said, whatever bitch! She stormed away.

Pfft... Look at the way you're dressed. You're in a fucking club, you know that? Bitch, if you can't handle a little contact, go party at church.

The monkey girl, came over to me. And said something, something,

"Spank my ass."

I have no idea what she just said... Nothing clicked.

It didn't occur to me, at the time. But she was telling me to spank her ass, for being a bad monkey or some shit.

I was just like, don't worry its okay. Then, went back to what I doing before.



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