The Under-Boob

A little under-boob,  

Never really hurts.

It's a whole different level of excitement, from the side-boob.

With the side-boob, you show a little skin. Not too much. Just enough to get a slight excitement going.

But not to where you gotta grab a book, or something to cover yourself.

This is, the side-boob.

You seem to be missing a few pieces, of fabric.

It's not as aggressive, as the boob-boob.

Whats going on in my pants?

Let's stop here, and have a chat about the under-boob.

It's a little nice, but 70 percent naughty.

You show, what comes out during sexy time. But, you are still covering most of it.

With the scientific ratio of titty goodness, standing at 65 percent.

We have the nipple, right there. On edge.

It's like, you're expecting to see them nips. But you don't!

Someone grab me a sweater, or something.

The PERFECTED under-titty is an untapped resource, lost to the sands of time.

But, we recently rediscovered, this forbidden fruit.

In our hands... We hold the supple, round, and quite firm answers... To all dilemmas.

...World hunger?


...Famine has ravaged the Earth.


...An evil dictator has finally taken over Earth, and is going to destroy it.

Tackle the problem, using ta-tas.

Science may never fully understand the under-boob.

But, we have teams of dedicated scientists, hard at work.


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