Trashy People Should Not Procreate

I will come out and say it.

Smart people, are having just a single or double shot of those screeching, pissing, shitting pink things.

They are also saving a shit load of money, because kids are nothing but endless MONEY PITS.

These people (at least, try to) set themselves up, for a comfy life. All the way down the road.

Anticipating some of the ups and downs.

Then, there is our friend... Whether it be tweakers, pot heads or any combination of broke-ass. They all the same.

Running around, stealing my shit, buying up all the heroin and popping out kids, like they popping those pills.

Some people, should not be allowed to procreate.

At this rate, the world will be full of idiots. While the smart ones, go extinct.

Why is it, that, the worst parents. Are the ones, having the most kids? Does that make any sense?

Then, when those little shits will grow up, they will grow up to a shitty life. And drugs will be their escape, because they joined the game at level -5. While everyone else, already got their gear and weapons. Ready to pounce on some exp.

I'm not saying all shitty parents, are shitty.

Some change, most don't.

If you are gonna make poor life choices, at least, make one smart one. And keep kids out of it. Do your drugs, be a slut and go get fucked up, all you want. Just use a condom.

Get it all out of your system. Overdose, die, come back to life, do what you gotta do.

Then, when you are actually ready for your very own little, pink squishy thing.

Put the pipe away, recycle those needles using the appropriate containers,

Grow the fuck up.


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