Ultimate Reason You Are Single

I've probably said it a million times, by now.


Many things in life... Are easier said, than done. This is one of them.

My friend, Jarhead. And the relationship he has with his wife, is so painfully pathetic. I feel like I need to take a shower.

So these two are going through a rough... REALLY rough spot.

They ain't together anymore.

I guess love makes you stupid. But that's no excuse. In the world we live in, if you slip and fall, no one is gonna help you back up. No if, and, or buts. Especially buts.

So she wanted her space, a little time to think and not be suffocated to death.

But Jarhead couldn't do it, constantly texting and calling.

This loser, is the definition of the word, NEEDY.

Granted, she sounds like a fucking slut anyways.

When you are just a sack of feelings, and emotion. And your ex just wants to fuck around to feel some womanly feelings again.

I personally, would have told her to kiss my hairy, unwashed ass, the moment she cheated.

But... Not my life.

Some things I would have done different:

Give The Bitch Some Space 

Should have given her, her space.

It applies to both parties, actually... You wouldn't want your girl to constantly ask where you are, be there all the time, and be the only person you hang with.

It gets old.

Just go do your own thing. Her missing you, is a good thing. It's a delicate balance.

You remember, that video game you got, as a kid?

How you played it, day and night. Dreamed about, then woke up to play some more?

Now, think to when you accomplished everything. Got everything you could ever want from a game.

Then you wanted another game.

Same concept...

Girls will tell me... If you truly love someone, that won't happen. Yeah sure! BULLSHIT. Do everything she wants, and be her door mat. Give it a few months, to a year or so. That'll change quick.

Stop Bothering Her

You don't need to know, what she is doing. CONSTANTLY.

No one wants to feel like, they are being monitored 24/7.

Or have to lie all the time, if they are up to no good.

Let her do what she wants... If she tells you. Cool. If she doesn't tell you, what are you gonna do?

If I find out you're cheating or some shit. We are done.

No second chances.

Who Cares Who She Is Talking To

Remember your zero chances policy.

This isn't like the Walmart return policy, where you got 30 days to return any defective items, with a restocking fee.

Using her words.

If she truly does, love you. She won't be fucking anyone else.

If she does fuck around, you will know. You will ALWAYS know.

So, what's gonna happen is. Kick her ass out. If she does beg for forgiveness and you are considering it. 

Make sure you renegotiate the terms and conditions.

This time, it's your game.

Personally, I'd leave her ass. No excuses. That is your biggest and strongest, deterrent. If you stay with me? I'll love you. If not, fine.

If she cheats on, its over. No second chances. There are thousands of girls, in your immediate area.

Why are you stretching yourself thin, for a slut?

Don't Go Broke Buying Her Shit

First of all, my friend couldn't feed her shopping habit.

Second of all, why???

If she doesn't want to be with you, cause your ass broke. You think she is really gonna like YOU, for you?

Don't feed people's bad habits, if they don't like that. The door is right over there. And turn off the lights when you head out.

What Does All This Mean

Lets say, I'm full of shit.

You do the opposite of everything, I just said.

What does all this, eventually lead to anyway?


Except this time, you are going to be stripped of any dignity, you have left.

...You will crawl on the ground begging her, to not leave you.

...She will be disgusted by your weak, pathetic self.

...Another person will take your girl. Right in front of you.

...You will become a laughing stock.

Why not take charge, and decide your own fate.


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