Bucket List

I'm a simple man, really.

Here are a few things, I really wanna accomplish in life.

That is totally, not all about sex.

I promise.

Okay, it's partly mostly sex.

1. Have sex with a white girl.

2. Have sex with a black girl.

3. Have sex with an Asian girl.

4. Own a super-car.

5. Have sex with a middle eastern girl.

6. Have a three-some (two girls only).

7. Have a four-some (three biatches, baby).

8. Have sex with a redhead.

9. Go down a waterfall (Weeeeeeeeeeeee!).

10. Fly a plane.

11. Learn Spanish.

12. Have sex with a Spanish girl.

13. Have 50K in the bank.

14. Have 100K in the bank.

15. Have 500K in the bank.

16. Have 1M in the bank.

17. Have sex in a car.

18. Have sex on a plane.

19. Have sex, in the beauty of nature.

20. Have sex, in the water.

21. Watch two lesbians have sex.

22. Watch three lesbians have sex.

23. Watch five lesbians have sex.

24. Put one gummy bear, in a girls ass.

25. Have sex to the beat of a song.

26. Fuck for more than 10 minutes, straight.

27. Have sex while eating a cheese burger.

28. Have sex with a silicon doll (huge tits required).

29. Get an erotic massage from one girl.

30. Get a erotic massage from two girls.

31. Get a girl to call me, "papi".

32. Take a shot, from any bottle worth over $1000.

33. Take a shot, from any bottle over $5000.

34. Have sex with a model.

35. Have sex with three girls of different races, at the same time.

36. Become a P.I.M.P.

37. Become a male-prostitute.

38. Take a picture, with Donald Trump.

39. Lick a naughty-nun.

40. Light my farts on fire.


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