Can You Be This Sick And Not Die?

Working in large company, you see things.

Things... normal people wouldn't usually see.

We are talking about Red Fever today.

She is the person, they put up on PowerPoint at these board meetings. As a prime example, of who NOT to hire. The epitome of bleeding a company dry, with your health issues.

...She is someone, insurance adjusters would check under the bed for, at night.

The nightmare of large companies everywhere. I mean, seriously. It is back, to back, to back health issues.

Like can you even be THIS sick and not be dead?

Okay, where do we start.

Like most things in life, there are only certain people who knows the truth, TRUTH. And I know the truth.

And like most things in life. All this started, with a poor choice...

First mistake, she decided to get surgery to lose weight. Instead of doing it the hard way. The result of that mistake?

Lifelong complications.

Second, is a smoking habit.

Third, is a drinking problem.

Fourth, is a dependence... on pain meds.

Fifth, absolutely zero determination or motivation. And probably, negative tolerance for pain.

I could fill up a book about how shitty she is, as a person. But you know.

So she works like, maybe a month out of the year.

How she is still employed? I don't know.

So she bought herself a fresh catalogue, of medical problems. She is in pain or "in pain" and very dependent on these pills. Which, she takes with a gallon or so of vodka.

When she runs out, she doubles down in the alcohol.

All while, the doctor is screaming to stop smoking and, at least, try NOT drinking like a fish.



And nope.

Our friend is stuck in a whirlwind of drugs and alcohol.

Too afraid to face the pain.

And she just broke her foot... While getting her daily, doctor recommended does of alcohol...

Which means, everyone else gets to pick up her slack for another month or so. Someone, gets to pay all her medical bills. And she sits at home, still drinking.

Holding a job, someone would die to have.

FMLA... Most times, it is legit.

Sometimes, that shit is so open for abuse, you almost feel like, it's made for those kinds of people.


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