Female Drivers

Female drivers... Around here...

In the great, state of Washington.

People always expect it to be, the Asian guy or that douche bag.

But every single time. EVERY single time. That I had someone:

...Cut right in front of my 40K Lexus (when it was new, LOL). Like, two inches from my bumper.

...Tailgate, tailgate, and tailgate.

...Tailgate me, cut me off, then drive fucking slow.

...Park so close to my ass, I might as well total my car.

...Not understand stop signs. And right of way.

It has always been...

A girl.


Where are all these stereotypes, who cannot drive? I don't see them!

Sure. Maybe most of my people, cannot park.

But going in a straight line, safely? Easy.

None of these fine ladies, actually hit me. Okay.

But imagine,

...If I had slammed my brakes on any of them.

...Or had to swerve.

...Or anything manly.

They putting themselves in danger.

But as usual, girls do what they want. Even putting themselves and other people in danger... totally not a big dealll gurlfriendzzz.

I had a friend, who drove a big-ass Lexus SUV. Guy was just going down the road when (you guess it) a lady in a sedan, decided to u-turn... In front of a LX460.

It wasn't any normal road. It was on a highway. So you know, people be going fast.

She paid for it, with a broken arm. And a fucked up car.

Said she didn't see.

Yeah, sure.

Actually, now that I reflected. It's like, all girls drive that way.

Many, many times. I had someone squeeze their ass, right in front of me. Just to get in on the freeway.

It's like,

"Did you even fucking look? Behind me, is a wide open space."

Oh I forgot, you cannot physically turn your head. Cause you're a dumb cunt.

I assumed it's just some stupid fucking douche bag. So I tailgate the fuck out of whoever, just cut me off. Then I blow by them.

The strange part is, when I looked over to douche-ingly stare, at whoever this dumb ass is... ITS A WOMAN.


Why you gotta be such a bitch. I can't fight a fucking girl. Damn you bitch!

Get that vagina, out of my fucking way.

Don't women realize, they're driving around weapons? It's solid steel. Able to kill and hurt indiscriminately.

So when you act all aggressive. It's gonna piss someone off.

...First of all, you're threatening my baby.

...Second, you're threatening my ass.

...Third, you're driving like a fucking bitch.

And if you tell me, it's just a car. Or...

"Oh, you got insurance."

Shut the fuck up, stupid piece of shit. How about I run your ass over. Don't worry, you got insurance too, bitch.

So please, quite driving like a fucking monkey. Stop. Just stop.


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